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A Disney Proposal

A few weeks ago, we featured a gorgeous real wedding, now the very same couple have shared their intimate engagement with us.  This one is for all you Disney fans out there – of which I am one!  This amazing story is told by Rosie.

♥ The proposal:  In October 2010 we were invited out to America to spend two weeks in Disney World Florida with Antony’s family.   A special night had been organised and the entire family were going to be having dinner in the actual Disney castle!  I was super excited about this as I am a huge Disney fan.  We had such an amazing time, plus pictures with Cinderella and all the other Disney princesses, was a huge bonus.

It was time for dessert (my favourite part of any meal!), and a cloth covered plate was placed in front of me.  As the server removed the cloth he said “special order for you” to which I responded “this isn’t my pudding.”  On the plate was a beautiful glass slipper sat on a bed of red rose petals, and in the slipper was a sparkling diamond ring.  I looked up to see Antony on one knee beside me.  He told me how much he loved me and then asked “will you do me the honour of being my wife by marrying me?”  I was in such shock that I just said “are you serious?!” and then after a few seconds I said “yes!” followed up by lots of tears!  It was the most perfect proposal a girl could ask for.

♥ The theme:  When I was at Disney World, I went for a posh afternoon tea.  I loved every aspect of it, from the gorgeous crockery to all the miniature sandwiches and cakes.  This is where I had the idea for a tea party for our wedding breakfast.

Antony has always been very patriotic – being an avid football fan probably emphasises this and I have always had a fascination with the union jack (literally anything with it on I want!). So what started as a vintage tea party with red and white accents (our colour theme) and a couple of union jacks, with the imagination and style expertise from the brilliant Sophie and Angela at Vintage Style Co, it spiralled into a truly wonderful British affair!

♥ Venue:  We were on a tight budget so the ideal location, Woburn Abbey, was strictly off the table.  To compliment our vintage theme, it seemed applicable to choose somewhere with lots of vintage charm – the Cruck Barn was the perfect place.  Although not quite so beautiful when it is empty once all the decoration was complete it was absolutely gorgeous and a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined!

♥ Homemade:  There were a few things that were made by me and my family.  I made the embroidered place name luggage tags, my mother-in-law Angela, made some of the bunting, her husband made our amazing sweet cart and my step mum Juliet made almost all the cakes for the afternoon tea including 124 scones!  All of the cakes were delicious and so many people have asked for the recipes.

♥ The dress:  My dress was by the British designer Amanda Wyatt and was from a little shop in Northampton called Bonsoire (the owner Claudia is an absolute sweetheart).  I also purchased the red bridesmaid dresses from the same place.

♥ The bride:  Thank you so much again for featuring my wedding as inspiration for others!  I have been telling and showing everyone!  would just also like to add how wonderful Sophie and Angela were at visualising and interpreting my ideas for the styling of our wedding.  I really trusted where they were going to go with it and was super happy with the results; they were great to work with and are such lovely ladies!  I just want to have another big event so I can work with them again!

Thanks Rosie!

Penelope x x