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A Stamp Too Far

When does possession become an obsession?

I’ve always considered myself to be a naturally creative and resourceful person.  At school I excelled in Art & Design and I progressed with my talents through College and beyond, creating many masterpieces, some of which are still displayed publically to this day;  assuming my Mother’s kitchen counts as a public place!  It is my creative side that encouraged me to be actively involved with the decorative side of my wedding plans.  I felt incredibly passionate about my wedding having a personal stamp to it. 

When I first became engaged my head was bombarded with ideas of colour schemes and decorations but I’d be so excited that the next day I’d forgotten what I wanted, or I simply kept changing my mind.  It was at this point that I decided to create a wedding scrapbook, filling it with colours and ideas to get more of a precise picture as to what I was hoping to achieve.  

I forced myself to create and stick to a suitable colour scheme early on in my plans otherwise my wedding was at risk of resembling something from Pat Sharpe’s Fun House – I loved that show.  I actually contemplated a game show element to the evening party however my ‘boring’ future husband kindly reminded me that not everybody appreciates games as I do. Needless to say that idea was soon quashed before it had time to evolve into the ‘serious planning’ stages. 

I have become somewhat of an obsessed bride-to-be over the last few months, insisting that I do everything myself and at a reasonable cost as I’m fully aware that the budget diminishes incredibly quickly.  In my mind receiving any help from anybody else would simply be an outrage and failure to my creative friend inside of me.  

I want to design and create the invitations, the place names, the centrepieces, the favours, the table art and the extra special surprise planned for the evening reception.  After many, many, many hours trawling eBay for cheap and chic supplies, my creative adventures had begun.  Night after night was spent cutting, pasting, gluing and sticking paper, fabrics and ink stamping personalised name place tags, and creating special additions wherever possible.  I came across a fantastic idea to ink stamp personalised napkins, bottle tags and name places.  I purchased an alphabet rubber letter stamp set at a reasonable £4.99 from eBay, which included 3 free ink pads – bonus! 

Since receiving these rubber stamps my evenings and weekends have been fun filled extravaganzas.  In my artistic brainwave I thought it would be nice to stamp mine and my future husband’s full names plus our wedding date on all of our wedding stationary.  It started out as a fun task but after stamping each individual letter for the 198th time (and I’m not exaggerating), gaining blisters, turning my living room into a bomb site and staining the cream carpet with lime green paint, I quickly changed my mind.  With well over 568 individual letters left to stamp, it became apparent that I’ve been a bit of a fool.  What I should’ve done was purchase a single stamp made to order with our names ready printed.  I would then only have to stamp each stationery item once rather than twenty nine times – genius or what! 

Future brides, it is worth remembering that there are people selling their services and gadgets for a reason.  It doesn’t make you any less creative if you purchase things but it does allow you the extra time to enjoy other things going on in your life. 

It took me three full evenings to name stamp just sixty pieces of paper.  At this rate it would have taken eighteen months to achieve what I wanted.  I am pleased to report that I have since taken my own advice and purchased a made-to-order rubber stamp.  I have now stamped everything in my house (literally) in a fraction of the time it was taking me with the individual stamps. 

So, for anybody interested, I have a complete a-z stamp set going to a good home.

Penelope x x