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A Winning Engagement

What an exciting and exclusive day it is for Penny’s Wedding.  A few months ago we offered a competition in collaboration with Rock it up Photography and Candice Fuller Make-up Artist.  The lucky winners, Alischia and Christian, had the opportunity to be models for the day and celebrate their engagement.

Now it’s time to show you the finished article.  I was invited to attend but unfortunately I had a prior engagement, so the lovely Candice Fuller made a few notes for us.

The day started with the lucky couple arriving at the studio at 10am.  We all had a cuppa and a natter to relax us before we started on the make-up.  We decided on an elegant smoky effect around the eyes to give a bit of depth for the photos.  Alischia and Christian had bought a few outfits and we decided which outfits would work well with the chosen props.

The first section of the shoot we went for a casual evening look, taking some posed pictures on a stall and then slowly introducing the props.  Both Alischia and Christian soon got into the swing of things and quite quickly it ended up with Christian trying to make Alischia laugh in most of the shots.  It was very cute to watch.

Alischia and Christian are getting married abroad so we decided to move onto some holiday themed shots.  Alischia wore a stunning maxi dress and Christian a T-shirt with ¾ lengths trousers.  We got very creative with the sand, making impressive sand castles with flags and stones.  They’re having a wedding party in England so the pictures of their cute personalised wedding date flags could be used as invites.

Christian really got involved suggesting posing ideas and props; he suggested making handprints in the sand and put Alischia’s engagement ring in the sandy print.  Whoever said men didn’t have good ideas!

Claire (Rock it up Photography) asked the couple to think of a message they would like to give to each other on their big day.  We made one of them leave the room, the other wrote the message on a board whilst Claire snapped away, and then they swapped over.  These pictures will be sent to them in sealed envelopes for them each to open on the morning of the wedding.  This is Claire’s gift to the happy couple.  Editor note: This is such a lovely idea!

As it had finally finished raining we decided to leave the studio and venture outside.  Outside the studio we utilised a set of black spiral steps with the couple posing romantically.  Then it was time to introduce the water bombs!

Christian’s face lit up.  Christian was at the top of the spiral staircase and Alischia at the bottom with a red spotty umbrella, and we just let the couple have fun.  Water bombs were flying left right and centre.  I don’t know how Alischia wasn’t absolutely soaked.  The pictures look great as they are so natural.

We moved onto the final section of the shoot which was in a local park.  The couple had some lovely shots taken on the steps and on the bench and by this point were so relaxed that these pictures are gorgeous. For the last few pictures, we decided to get the water bombs out again and allow Alischia to get her payback!  We stood well back and gave the couple the water bombs. They were squeezing them over each other’s heads, hitting them with bats and then throwing them at each other all the time laughing like children it was lovely to watch and capture those moments.

We wrapped a soggy Alischia up in a blanket and walked back to the studio, with Christian looking like he had been part of a wet T-shirt competition.  It was now 3pm, the couple got changed and it was time for them to leave.  We all had a fun day and got some amazing pictures, and Alischia and Christian were very good sports.

Penelope x x