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An Irish Dream

A few weeks ago I received a lovely invitation to attend a Dream Irish Wedding event in London.  I love wedding events as I love the opportunity to network and have a nose into all the up and coming trends.  Naturally I’m jumped at the chance.

The day arrived but a few iffy transport issues meant my train had been cancelled and I needed to bus it to the next station.  I could live with that.  Bussed it to the next station, performed an awesome Hollywood style -running-in-heels-across-the- station manoeuvre and made it to the train with seconds to spare.  Only as soon as I boarded the train I was informed it had no driver, which meant another delay.

“Dear Mr Train man, you can try all you like to get in my way, but no one stops Penny’s Wedding from attending a wedding bash.”  After all that running around, I was in fact only 10 minutes behind schedule and off I went to London town.  Arriving at peak rush hour time was overwhelming to say the least but I pushed on to my final destination.

It is at this point I thank the genius behind the Apple iPhone, without this I would still be wandering around London now.  That map application with the blue dot is an invention like no other – it’s actually useful.  I’m a bit of a country/town girl and although I love the city, navigation isn’t one of my strongest skills.  I may have had my iPhone in tow but ultimately if it wasn’t for a lovely Soho cafe owner, I would never have made it!  Thank you Mr Cafe owner.

A little hot and bothered but I’m here! The Soho Hotel is a bit special.  I made my way to the Crimson bar area and was very surprised to see I had arrived first, given my traumatic journey.  A cool glass of bubbly awaited me and it was time to get chatting.

There were three beautiful Irish venues on show that evening: Adare Manor, Doonbeg and Knappogue Castle and I was very lucky to get to speak to each of them.  We were whisked into a very posh cinema theatre and treated to a lovely film about the beauty of Ireland.  This video certainly captured my heart and I’m already planning a visit for next year.

Adare Manor, Hotel & Golf Resort

“A breathtaking backdrop and an unforgettable setting – Adare Manor is a uniquely enchanted location unmatched anywhere in Ireland.  Adare Manor is only 10 minutes from Limerick and is easily accessible.  There is scarcely a place more romantic than Adare Manor to celebrate one of the most important and memorable days of your life.  Adare Manor is one of the top Wedding Venues in Ireland and offers a great location for a Castle Wedding.”

The Lodge at Doonbeg

“Imagine a coastal haven, hidden on a sheltered corner of the wild Atlantic Ocean – luxurious yet unpretentious – where world-class golf meets an intimate spa – where every taste is catered to and every request considered.  Imagine a rugged landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, across rolling waves and sand dunes and thousands of years of stories, buried within them.”

Knappogue Castle

“Knappogue Castle has captured the hearts of many brides and grooms over the years and we strive to turn your wedding into the day of your dreams.  A Castle Wedding in Ireland is our speciality! Knappogue Castle is just a twenty minute drive from Shannon Airport.  This castle wedding venue, was initially built in 1467 and offers one of the most romantic and unique wedding venues in the country.  With its rich history, charming grounds and magical ambiance it provides the perfect setting for your special day.  Our wedding team provides excellent service to ensure you and your guests will have a day to remember.”

A few reasons why you should consider marrying in Ireland

♥ You can marry outside without the need for any covers (In the UK you must get married within a permanent built structure)

 There are no limits as to what time you can marry

There a a number of financial benefits marrying in Ireland compared with similar venues in the UK

 Finally, I’ve been assured the party continues until the last person leaves the bar! 

This event was simply stunning and it was an honour to be a part of it.  Thanks to Tourism Ireland for making it all happen, and of course, Michelle, Sarah, Edmund and Marie.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

Penelope x x