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Bad Photography

Implications of bad wedding photography – is it a myth?

“You get what you pay for” – how true is this when it comes to your wedding day?  Sometimes I feel there are a few baddies out there who will (and do!) bump up their prices as soon as you mention the W word.

When you announce your engagement, many friends and family will shower you with offers of their help.  Of course this is lovely to receive but sometimes you can feel obliged to accept their offer so not to cause offence.

The easiest way around this is to say ‘”thanks, but no thanks.”  While you appreciate their offer, you would much rather they are a ‘proper’ guest at your wedding rather than being preoccupied with other on-the-day duties. 

The most common offer of service by friends and family is to be your photographer for the day.  They will think they are helping you out and saving you hundreds, sometimes thousands, but do they really know what they are doing?  We all think we have a bit of David Bailey in us but do us amateurs actually have all the equipment to shoot a beautiful wedding? No.  We do not. 

Professional photographers charge what they do because they are professional, experienced and have thousands of pounds worth of hi-tech equipment.  Recently I was involved in a wedding where a friend of the bride played photographer for the day.  Disappointment is an understatement.  There was not a single decent wedding picture out of the hundreds taken – poor lightening, missing heads and a general lack of creative design means that the bride doesn’t have any physical memento of her big day.

It becomes really awkward for both you and your friend when explaining to others why you’ve not shared any pictures with them.  It really is such a shame for all parties involved.  The best way to avoid all of this hassle is to be brave and say no at the very beginning.  If they still don’t accept your answer then point them to this article!  Hopefully your wedding will last decades and what a shame it would be if you didn’t have any wedding pictures to show your great grandchildren. 

Penelope x x