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Beauty and the Beast

How not to be an ogre!

Being a beautiful bride is something many young girls dream of but when it comes to reality being the centre of attention is quite unnerving.  Am I right in saying that soon-to-be-brides worry about being upstaged by their bridesmaids?  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind but it’s how you approach the situation that makes the difference.

Are you likely to be a bride who makes her bridesmaids suffer solely for the sake of vanity?  I know some brides-to-be will be screaming ‘yes’ at the screen right now and others would be horrified.  Fortunately for my bridesmaids I was the latter of the two.  I gave my bridesmaids full choice of their outfit.  They had a budget and a colour restriction but the rest was down to them. 

This was the easiest and most obvious choice as I had three bridesmaids; one in her early 30’s, one in her mid 20’s and a teenager, so naturally they wouldn’t all suit the same style.  During my wedding planning stages I was very conscious of other peoples’ comfort therefore it was an easy decision to ensure my bridesmaids were as comfortable as possible. 

It was lovely to hear the positive comments from my wedding guests about each of my bridesmaids and their wedding attire and not once did my bridesmaids ever moan to me about their outfits.  My chosen colour scheme of black (for a monochrome winter wedding) also meant that the dresses could be recycled again – big bonus points all round.  I admit that I expect the same in return should I be lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for any of their weddings. 

To avoid ‘pulling a Pippa’ and possibly being upstaged, send your bridesmaids down the aisle first!

Penelope x x