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Being Honest

Weddings are funny things, not joke funny, funny as in they can be a bit odd.  They bring out traits in people that you never knew existed.  During the planning stages they make your best friend almost unbearable, your mother an emotional wreck and don’t even get me started on your groom-to-be! It’s not their fault, or yours, you just have so much in your mind, you can’t concentrate.

Penny’s Wedding has been in my life since I got engaged back in 2008. I started writing diary entries which soon developed into the feature ‘Diary of a Bride’ which was published on another site. This snowballed once I suffered with post wedding blues (sounds ridiculous but it happens!), and Penny’s Wedding became a part of me that I never want to lose contact with.

Penny is my alter ego, a friendly face, the sense of reasoning when life gets weird and in some cases, an inner goddess – cue Fifty Shades fans!  She encouraged me to find my voice through writing, and my goodness, I’m so thankful I found her.  I’ve been quite shy about sharing Penny with others, not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed about her but it’s quite unnerving writing your thoughts for the entire world to read.  So why do it? Well, I like to talk and writing is simply a written form of speech, so half the time when I write, I feel like I’m talking to my best friend.

When you plan your wedding, you feel like you’re the only person in the world who has ever planned a wedding.  You stress about really silly things but it means the world to you.  You feel happy, elated, nervous and excited – its a lot to deal with.

Recently you’ll have seen I’ve been branching into wedding planning and today, whilst with one of my brides, I had such a revelation.  I advised her to ‘stay true to who she is’. Don’t make the wedding about others, it’s all about you and your hubby-to-be.  I could tell she was listening but something was on her mind.

She was worried about the ‘millions of things’ that could go wrong on her big day. I asked her to share her worries, and as suspected, I felt exactly the same before my Big Day. It’s a bride-to-be thing.   It was at this point I shared my stories, my diary entries, about my own wedding experiences.

I told her all about the cake crisis 48 hours before the Big Day and the aftermath of the worst winter weather snow storms on record, affecting the entire country meaning 20% of our guests didn’t ever arrive.  My gorgeous and treasured (bargain) dress breaking an hour into my ceremony, plus impromptu and somewhat inappropriate tears from a relative who wasn’t happy with what table she was seated at. All true stories!

As I was revealing all of this, I could see her relax.  She could relate to exactly what I was telling her.  She asked me how I reacted to all of these things.  I told her this – I remembered who I am. I don’t cry over spilt milk so I sure as hell won’t be crying over things on my wedding day. I didn’t want my guests remembering any negatives from my day, so I did what I do best – smile and carry on.  Yes the dress broke but seconds later a guest had made a joke about it and everything was good again. It’s things like this that make or break your day.  Not what colour your flowers are or if your centrepieces are off centre.  If you stay true to yourself, you WILL have an amazing day.

So, what was this revelation I mentioned earlier? Well, I love to research wedding things, so naturally I read other wedding websites and blogs.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a little lost over my identity and today really hit home why Penny and her wedding wonderland was created.

I truly love this journey, it’s fricking awesome and I never stop learning about myself.

Thank you and goodnight!

Penelope x x