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Today we have something very exciting to share with you. Emma and Claire, the creative ladies behind the wonder that is Bellybuttonboo, have given us an exclusive interview.  These fabulous ladies create amazingly beautiful and unique wedding stationery as well as offering advice and inspiration for styling your Big Day.  This is a must read interview with lots of pretty inspiration too.  Enjoy!

Tell us about Bellybuttonboo

Bellybuttonboo are unique wedding stationery and venue stylists, creating magic in Berkshire and beyond!  We can help those who are short on time, lacking ideas or need help to make their wedding dreams a reality.  Our job is to make sure our couples love everything about their wedding from start to end.

We are sisters with a shared creative passion  and ever since we can remember we’ve been creating things for people and events: cards, soft toys, Christmas decorations, home furnishings, baby accessories, clothes and wedding memory box frames, to name a few!

Over the last few years we started to find that more and more of our friends and family were asking us to help them with some of their special occasions, and it occurred to us that perhaps there were other people out there who were looking for inventive and personal wedding or event stationery and styling.  So, taking a deep breath we decided to take the plunge and start bellybuttonboo in 2009!  Since then we’ve not looked back and have worked with some fabulous people who have inspired us to create some amazing stationery and decorations for their weddings and events. 

We like to think we’re a little bit different to your average event stationery company, going beyond just lovely designs to helping couples enjoy the whole experience as much as we do!  Together we are extremely organised and dedicated to getting the detail just right, whilst having fun along the way.

People who know us have come to expect something a little bit different; why do something ordinary when you can do something extraordinary?


What services and products are available?

Everything we design, we make ourselves – nothing is mass produced – it’s all about the detail, keeping it personal and being inventive. 

Our services include:

  • Brainstorming to enthuse and inspire – we work with our couples to draw out what they want their wedding day to look and feel like, getting to know them and helping them to put personality into their day.  These sessions always leave couples enthused and excited about what’s to come and can help them focus on what is right for them when magazines and web searches leave them overwhelmed!
  • Mood boards to get the look right – either leading on from the brainstorming, or building on ideas that the couple have but that they’re having trouble bringing together, we create up to 3 mood boards to enable them to visualise an overall scheme for the day.  The couples often use them to talk to other suppliers to make sure everything all works together.
  • Stationery design and creation – we believe invitations set the scene for the wedding day and give guests the first glimpse of what’s to come.  We work with our couples to get to know them and how they want their wedding to look and feel like, then from here, we’ll develop a number of designs and create samples.  This bespoke service is for people who want something unique, original, often quirky and full of personality. 
  • Venue details and decoration – as with our stationery design approach, we can work in the same way for all details of a couple’s special day from interesting place names and elaborate table plans, to alternative table centrepieces and other special touches.
  • On the day set-up – many of our couples ask us to set up the venue on the day as they trust us to make sure that the vision we’ve created together is set out exactly as it was intended.  We offer a full set-up service, including overseeing other suppliers and setting up any other elements required by the couple.


What is a typical pricing structure for your products?

As our services are not ‘off the peg’, we can create designs with the couple’s budget in mind.  Typically our invitations are priced between £2.50 and £7 (but the possibilities are endless in terms of design and so the prices reflect this), brainstorming and moodboards from £75 and on the day set-up from £125.

There are no hidden extras; we’ll only ever quote you a complete price.

Can you offer advice to a couple who don’t know where to begin with their wedding theme?

YES YES YES!!!  This is what we love to do – our whole aim is to bring out their personalities for their special day.  We encourage people to think beyond ‘wedding’ when they are looking for inspiration – what do they love to do, what is their favourite thing in their house or what do they have that really says ‘this is us’?  Because anything goes it doesn’t have to be traditional or obvious, or what the latest wedding magazines tell you to have!  Once people start to gather these things together a theme may appear, but if it doesn’t or it doesn’t feel right – don’t force it!  Our brainstorming and moodboards can really help to draw out what they want and give them the confidence to go with it.


Can you cater for civil partnerships?

Absolutely, because of the nature of what we do everything is designed individually, it’s about the couple, their personalities and their special day.


How long does it take from placing an order to receiving my goods?

Our recommendation is to start as early as possible especially if we are helping to bring together the whole style for the day.  As a guide for invitations, we would say to contact us a minimum of 3 to 6 months before they want to send them out, to allow for design, development and production.

Explain what is involved in the booking process?

Once a couple gets in touch, we start by either meeting up, talking on the phone or sending them a questionnaire so that we can get to know them and what they are looking for.  Then we’ll begin the process, and ask for a deposit (starting from £25) for design development and samples for each element, which is refunded on placement of order.


How will my items be delivered to me?

It is up to the couple if they want things posted, delivered to the venue or to be collected from us – we’re flexible and can advise on the best method and costs.

How can we contact you?

Send us an email at or via our website

Give us a call on 07763 764574.

Or, we’re on Facebook and Twitter: @bellybuttonboo

Penelope x x