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DIY Paper Bunting

This weekend has been filled with lots of DIY projects for one of my brides. I’m so pleased with the finished items that I thought it would be silly not to share them with you. Today I share with you DIY Paper Bunting. It’s cost friendly, easy to make and has the power to transform even the dullest of locations.

Materials needed – thin rope in a colour and length of your choice; a variety of card and paper in your chosen colours; some scissors and a hole punch. Glitter and other decorative items are optional.

First, you need to make some templates for your bunting. You can choose any shapes in any size. I have gone for hearts and chosen to make 4 different size templates.

Using your templates, cut out the required number of shapes using the variety of coloured card. My theme is black and white so I chose card in those colours.

Hole punch each of your shapes ensuring the rope can pass easily through it.

Feed the rope through all of your shapes in a random order. Remember to leave enough space at either end of the rope to tie your bunting.

Decorate the shapes if you wish using the glitter and other decorative items.

Job done! Beautiful paper bunting is now yours!

Penelope x x