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DIY Vases

Thank goodness it’s Friday today.  I’ve had such a bad start to the day with a flat tyre which means I’m a few hours behind myself now but I’m not going to dwell.  I had a fantastic evening yesterday at the Serendipity Brides fashion show – more on this to follow.

Today’s post is a super simple DIY project.  A few weeks ago I started collecting tins, glass jars and bottles because I thought they might come in handy and would you believe they have!  I found a few scraps of ribbon and fabric and made some really cute vases.  The same idea can be used to make candle holders too!

 Obtain a few old glass bottles or jars.  Wash them thoroughly and remove the labels (some stubborn jars may need soaking for a few days!)

 Find some colourful ribbons, fabric and some string

DIY Vases

Tie the fabric or ribbon around the glass jar and secure with a piece of string

DIY Vases

Or, tie the fabric in a knot

DIY Vases

Add a few flowers and you’re done!

DIY Vases

The best thing about these DIY vases is they are fully recyclable so you can use them over and over again and you can change the ribbon and fabric to match with your decor at the time.

Have a good weekend folks.

Penelope x x