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Emergency Bridal Kit

Good morning lovely ladies, hope the wedding plans are going well?  Over the past few months, lots of you have been in touch with disasters that occurred on your wedding day.  I had my fair share of ‘disasters’ (click here for details) however if you have a little emergency bridal kit then you should be able to overcome almost any disaster!

Read on below for your essential wedding day kit.

1 – Tissues – these are essential for blotting away those tears of joy.  You may think you’ll not shed a few tears but it is inevitable to get a bit wobbly and panda eyes are not the look you want! 

2 – Lipstick – keep your lips picture perfect all day long by touching up your lipstick throughout the day.  I suggest a good quality lipstick to avoid staining or dying out the lips.

3 – Concealer – this is ideal to keep you looking bright eyed all day, especially after the tears.  Reapply a few times throughout the day to keep your make-up looking natural

4 – A safety pin or two – this is crucial if you have a dress with straps.  I found this out about an hour into my wedding pictures when my strap suddenly pinged off and detached itself from my dress.  A few moments later and a safety pin and brooch came to the rescue.  Safety pins are great for hiding escaping bras, broken buttons, shoe straps and torn hems; all of which could cause little issues on your big day

5 – Breath mints – it may sound a bit silly but think about it.  You’re talking to guests all day, kissing and hugging them and the last thing you want is bad breath.  Keep a few tic tacs in your bag and you’ll be fresh all day and night.

6 – Wet wipes – a small handy pack of these are great to keep you fresh and smelling nice all day long as well as blotting any unfortunate drink or make-up spillages on your clothing!

7 – Plasters – of course you would have worn in your bridal shoes but it is worth having a plaster in your bag in the case of any uncomfortable shoe issues.  You’ll be on your feet for the best part of 12 hours so be prepared.

All of these essential bits will fit nicely into your handbag and ask your bridesmaid to look after it for you.

Good luck for your big day.

Penelope x x