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James Barlow – The Wedding Singer – Review

Located in Staffordshire, James Barlow regularly travels across England, Scotland and Wales performing to couples on their wedding day.  He has performed in some of the countries’ most prestigious venues enhancing an already euphoric reputation.  Singing from the age of 16, it’s fair to say James is one of the UKs top wedding singers.

James’ website is very detailed and you are able to submit a booking request online – exactly the quick and efficient requirement for us modern brides!  I like James’ honesty and unlike some, he doesn’t shy away from highlighting his pricing on his website.  It’s clear, concise and written in black and white therefore eliminating any ambiguity.  Of course there may be minor fee adjustments depending on your individual requirements.

I was a bit of a bridezilla when I was planning my wedding, extremely pernickety and I suffered with severe attention to detail disorder.  James dealt with my many requests in such a professional manner that I felt incredibly silly for asking such ridiculous questions.  I initially approached him thinking I was an expert at organising weddings (it was my first attempt and last – hopefully!) when actually he is the expert and has fantastic judgment regarding all aspects of your wedding day. 

From the initial set-up task to the cutting of the cake and finally getting the party started, James really does understand how to balance it all.  It was important to me that my chosen wedding entertainment was able to commence immediately after our ceremony and continue right through to the last dance without any upheaval during the day-to-evening transition period.  James was able to offer this service and after listening to his tracks through his website I booked him immediately. 

James offers a bespoke package and is incredibly open to song suggestions as well as any other requests you may have.  I thought I was helping James by kindly colour coding my chosen song requests into day songs, party songs, must play songs, not-so-bothered-if-you-play-it-or-not songs and it never fazed him –  if it did he hid it incredibly well!  He was always professional and friendly even when having to break the news to me that we wouldn’t have enough hours in the wedding day to utilise my hundreds of hour’s worth of song choices!

I only met James once and that was on our wedding day when he was introducing myself and my new husband to our guests.  He felt like an old friend that I had known for years.  He started the dining set perfectly and made an amazing transition from singing live swing and love songs to playing the DJ set.  He certainly knows how to get a party started in the evening and I appreciated his attention to detail with my song choices.

If you want top quality entertainment with no hassle then James Barlow is your man.  Snap him up quickly before it’s too late!

Penelope x x