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On Friday evening I was very lucky to have been invited to model in the Serendipity Brides fashion show at the stunning wedding location, Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire.  Penny’s Wedding has already crossed paths with both Serendipity Brides and Dodford Manorclick here to read previous articles.

I make no secret about my love for the wedding world and I was super excited to be wearing a wedding dress again.  Wedding dresses are the best form of clothing. Fact!  I’ve never modelled before so I really had no idea what to expect. 

I went for a trial fitting the night before the show and was trusted to wear three gorgeous dresses designed by Pronovias, Sophia Tolli and Augusta Jones.  My favourite was the Augusta Jones shown below.  Apologies for the quality of the images shown within this post; many were taken very quickly within the chaos of the event!

I imagine modelling to be a very glamorous lifestyle, travelling all over the place and having your hair and make-up professionally mastered by others.  I admit that I really enjoyed my modelling gig.  As expected, there was a bit of waiting around for hair and make-up but I spent most of the time chatting to the other glamorous ladies.  Although this event was a Serendipity Brides event, I couldn’t help but switch into Penny’s Wedding mode and I found myself interviewing the hair and make-up artists without even realising.

So, you all want to know what happened.  Well I arrived in the late afternoon and had a practice down the catwalk.  It was only about 25 steps in length but it dawned on me how close the audience were and then the fear of tripping into them sunk in.  I was terrified of tripping as it seems to happen quite a bit to me when it comes to formal occasions.  I once entered a lavish wedding reception in a grand hall and promptly slipped on the stupidly shiny floor and into the string quartet.  The girl in the red dress was never forgotten!

After much practice and giggles it was time for make-up with Candice Fuller.  A great make-up artist allows you to relax as well as working miracles and Candice certainly did this.  I had an elegant ‘look’ which worked really well with my hairstyle.

Showtime was nearly upon us, although we were running slightly late, and the atmosphere had turned electric with all girls a mixture of nervous and excited.  We were rushing into our first dresses, people prodding, zipping and fussing with our dresses to ensure they looked perfect.

We had to walk about 30 yards outside, through the courtyard and into the catwalk room whilst ensuring our dresses didn’t touch the ground.  It sounds simple but when you have a huge dress and train, its actually quite difficult.  To the onlooker, it must have looked hilarious; ladies tottering across the courtyard as quickly as we could with our dresses up round our necks.

The show had started.  I was on fourth and I was in the queue waiting to go.  I could hear the music and I caught a glimpse of the audience.  I was excited.  Part of the catwalk involved us walking down 5 steps and presenting ourselves to the audience.  I was off, I was wearing a gorgeous Sophia Tolli dress which was too long but I held it up as I walked which was fine and it felt amazing.  Halfway down the catwalk I suddenly had stage fright and my smile went from a naturally happy face to a deer caught in headlights.  I can’t wait to see the outcome of the professional pictures as I’m sure I looked ridiculous.

Round one over and I raced back to the dressing room and hopped into my second gown.  Now this one was a full skirted Pronovias dress and the train was simply humongous, so much so that I was worried about fitting down the catwalk.  So this was my chance to redeem myself from my embarrassing first walk.  Smile sorted, dress all puffed up and ready to go, check.  I navigated down the stairs and all was well; smiling almost like a professional although I’m still incredibly nervous.  I’m on my second stretch of the catwalk and I’m just about to exit when disaster happens.  I stupidly think I can walk without holding my dress up so I let it go and I trip on the front of the dress.  I tripped just enough for people to gasp but at least I didn’t fall over completely.  Darn it!

Like a pro, I shook it off and raced for my third and final dress, the utterly gorgeous Augusta Jones dress.  Third time was a charm.  My smile was perfected and I glided down the catwalk even managing to hear a number of compliments about my figure.  At the end of the show, all ladies completed a group lap of honour and we mingled with guests for a while, trying to keep our dresses on as long as possible.  It was such an amazing experience and would jump at the opportunity to do it again.

Thank you so much to Serendipity Brides for allowing me this fantastic opportunity but rest assured that I’m not ‘going professional’ and I have every intention of continuing with Penny’s Wedding.

Penelope x x