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For those of you who have been following Penny’s Wedding for some time, you already know this, but for anybody else, the fact is; I love cake.   Cheesecake, traditional sponge cake, cupcakes with butter cream icing and even the odd piece of fruitcake; whatever style it might be I am a huge cake fanatic.

Genuine Cakes, based in Hertfordshire and the team behind Cheryl Cole’s birthday cake, have launched a specialist division for luxury wedding cakes – GC Couture.  The new concept in reception catering can offer a bespoke cake that is unique, fresh, stylish and memorable.  So, imagine my delight when the team kindly offered me that chance to sample some of their cakes.

Penny’s Wedding HQ received 6 sizeable cupcakes showcasing GC Couture’s most popular flavours – of which they have an impressive 24 flavours to choose from with an additional 10 flavours in the New Year – I’ve got my eye on the Pina Colada!

So, on with the good stuff – What did they taste like I hear you cry?  Here goes with my honest review…

Chocolate:  One word.  Divine!  Actually, four words – divine and highly recommended!  It was moist and had a strong chocolate taste but not overpowering.  It was sweet rather than bitter, which is perfect for me as I really dislike bitter chocolate cakes.  The icing topping was smooth, sturdy and there was plenty of the lovely stuff! 

Traditional Fruitcake:  Honestly, I’m not a big fruitcake person.  It’s one of those cakes that I have to be in the mood for and that mood doesn’t come around very often.  I absolutely loved this cake.  If it wasn’t for one of my brides wanting to taste it, then I would have eaten the whole thing.  It was very moist and tasted very natural.  Although that might sound strange, some fruitcakes can taste artificial but this was most certainly not.  It literally melted in my mouth as it was surprisingly light and airy.

Vanilla:  I love vanilla flavoured cake.  If I had to pick a favourite flavour then it would be vanilla so I’m a bit of an expert in this field and very hard to please!  The flavouring of the GC Couture vanilla cake was a little too subtle for my taste.  I would have liked more vanilla flavouring and the texture of this particular cake was crumblier than expected.  It was very different to the chocolate cake texture.

Chocolate and Orange:  Oooh, another good one!  Without meaning to sound daft, this is exactly the same as the chocolate cake but with a lovely, fruity and sweet orange flavour.  I’m amazed at how light these chocolate cakes are.  They are divine and a must for any chocolate fan.

Lemon:  I love a sharp lemon flavour, the sort that gets you squinting as you bite into it.  This cake was such a pleasant surprise.  It was sweet and had a very subtle lemon flavour, like something I’d never tasted before.  The texture was a little on the dry side for me, but never the less, it was a good cake and my bride-to-be’s favourite!

And finally, saving the best until last?

Fruitcake but without the bits: What a genius idea!  I love the aspect of keeping it traditional but with a modern twist.  How many people always want a fruitcake but don’t like it and opt for a sponge cake – well now you can have it all.  I was a little dubious trying this cake as I didn’t know what to expect but I needn’t have worried as it was amazing.  It was somewhat bizarre trying a sponge fruitcake as I was trying to feel for the ‘bits’ but couldn’t.  It was a simple delight, moreish and I easily could have eaten another one. I was surprised at how moist it was and the topping was delightfully light.  This is my favourite cake of the bunch.

GC Couture offer complimentary consultations where they can assist with the design process and build the wedding cake as well as sample a variety of flavours from the extensive flavoured portfolio.  If you are looking for something spectacular, stylish and a little bit special then GC Couture come highly recommended by an experienced cake foodie (me).

Penelope x x