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The fear is over!

How often do you struggle to find an outfit suitable for a wedding party?  I’ve been known to panic to the point of near hyperventilation upon receiving wedding invitations, simply over the prospect of suitable clothing.  What to wear is the first things that crosses my mind and the seasons can often cause issues with wedding attire. 

I personally prefer winter weddings as you can go ‘Hollywood glam’ (I’m thinking gloves, lace headpiece and statement heels) without looking ridiculous.  Summer weddings are a particular nightmare for me.  I constantly worry about heat, in particular perspiration marks.  I know it’s not attractive but it’s something we ladies need to consider.  The weather is so unpredictable at that time of year.  At least for a winter wedding you can prepare to be cold and wet!

Another big worry I know we all face when attending weddings is rolling up in the same outfit as somebody else and the other guest looking better – major nightmare time!  Ladies we need fear no more as Girl Meets Dress has saved our lives…literally.  This is a gorgeous website where you hire fabulous designer dresses at bargain prices.  You choose the dress you want for your upcoming event and hey presto!  It’s a simple as that. 

What makes Girl Meets Dress even more amazing is they stock bridesmaids dresses too.  So all you soon-to-be brides, get checking this website and shop from the comfort of your own home.  Of course all dresses can be tried first to ensure perfect fit and if it’s what you are looking for then you simply reserve it for your event.  The lovely team at Girl Meets Dress also include a small insurance cost to ensure any accidental spillages are covered.  Perfect!

Penelope x x

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