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Happy Valentine’s Day

For all of us lovers, today is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.  Apparently 150 million cards are exchanged worldwide making it the second most popular holiday event after Christmas! 

I’m a big fan of romance and love but I hate being told when and how to celebrate my love for my husband, not to mention the extortionate prices of things simply because of a date.  I admit that I do succumb to the pressures and purchase the ‘token card and gift’ but I certainly do not spend a fortune – this year my lovely Mum has baked a beautiful heart shaped cake for my hubby and I know he’ll love that.

I’d much prefer an array of surprises and thoughful gestures throughout the year rather than coinciding with all the other couples on a particular date.  Anyway, I refuse to moan about this day as I know many of you see it as a special day.  I wish all of you a very happy day whatever you are doing.

Are wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day a bit cliché?  On one hand I think so because you have to share the day with so many others so it’s no longer ‘exclusively yours’ but on the other hand I can see the sentiment.  If you are planning on proposing today, enjoy it and I hope she (or he) says ‘yes’!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Penelope x x