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Huff, Puff and I will look great!

The ever continuing quest for ‘perfection’ has reached my body image

I’m in my early twenties (twenty four and eight months if we’re being specific) and throughout my life I have always carried a bit of extra weight.  Okay, If I’m being honest I have, in the past, been described as ‘technically overweight’.  The nurse delivering this information was much plumper than me, but that’s not the point.  I’m not in any sort of denial behind my reasoning for currently being 9lbs overweight.  I eat far more than I burn off so the calories have to create a home somewhere and for some reason they quite like my derrière region. 

I’ve tried most diets under the sun (haven’t we all) and yes, provided they are followed exactly then they do work well.  BUT they’re boring. The trouble for me is I’m not one for being forced to do things and if I’m not allowed something it only makes me want it even more.  I had a ‘brainwave’ and made a pact with myself.  I decided to eat whatever I wanted but I must workout at a gym for at least five times a week to counter balance the effects.  I have been doing this for the last eighteen months and I do feel physically fitter in addition to having a reasonably toned figure. 

Its exactly one year until my wedding day and I’m concerned that I may not be making as much progress on ‘the perfect body’ as I would have hoped by now.  I really don’t want to be one of these brides that has a major panic attack two months before the wedding because the dress doesn’t fit and then has to resort to an unhealthy crash diet.  I do have a slight fear of people seeing the bingo wings jiggling away as I walk down the aisle but I won’t lose any sleep over that just yet. 

I’ve been discussing body image with my future husband and he made a couple of very logical points (this doesn’t happen to him very often so I think it’s only fair that I share these with you). 

  1. We have been dating for eight years and he would have “left me a long time ago if my weight was an issue for him”.  Thankfully it’s not!  This sounds rather shallow but I can’t think of another way to explain it and it does make sense.
  2. He doesn’t want me to be miserable (and hungry) in the lead up to our wedding and he would much prefer our wedding photo’s to resemble me rather than some miserable shell with no soul and who will inevitably ‘let herself go’ after the wedding.  This sounds harsh but it is rather true – by my own admittance I am extremely likely to indulge afterwards.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, as women, we worry far too much about pointless things that men and indeed other people don’t even notice.  Who actually would notice a slight double chin?  Or a discreet wobble in the bingo wing area?  Surely it’s more important to be happy, healthy and enjoy the lead up to the wedding and the day itself, than starve for a month for an unachievable image that won’t last anyway? 

I think I’d rather be plumpish and happy all year round than diet then admit defeat whilst having to deal with the “Hasn’t she let herself go since the wedding, or perhaps she’s pregnant” comments! 

So with that in mind, here’s looking forward to the wedding menu containing the trio of desserts, lemon cheesecake being my particular favourite.

Penelope x x