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Inevitable disappointment?

Does it ever pay to put all your eggs in one basket?  Are you setting yourself up for disappointment or a blessing in disguise?

Does a verbal agreement not mean anything to anybody now or am I simply too naive to take somebody’s word as a promise to do something?  You may have read a previous diary chapter of mine entitled ‘Looking without looking’; if not then I’ll give you a quick update.

Last year I went on holiday to Ibiza and happened to stumble across a great male solo singer and guitarist.  I approached him, asked him to be my wedding singer and we exchanged contact details to discuss further.  I gave him all the necessary details, asked his price and he merrily said he would love to do it.  In my mind that was a done deal and I didn’t look any further for any wedding entertainment.

A few months had passed when out of the blue I received an email from him.  Admittedly it was the length of a short story so he must have cared a little bit?  He said that he was looking for a career change and he may be moving location.  Frankly at this point I didn’t care about his career change.  The bottom line was that he could not confirm my wedding date.  His exact wording was ‘If you can wait until August then I’d be able to confirm for sure’.

For a few minutes this was the end of the world for me.  Seriously, does this man think I will leave something as important as wedding entertainment to only 4 months before the wedding – certainly not in my world!  At the point of receiving this email it was only 10 months until the wedding and I was without my wedding entertainment.  Bridezilla began to appear and she is not pretty!

I had to go back to the very beginning, laboriously searching for entertainment options, ordering demos and desperately trying to find somebody who fits the strict criteria.  Weeks passed and I still had nothing, unless 23 useless demo tapes stacked in my kitchen counts for something.  These tapes wouldn’t pass basic GCSE music.  How some people think they should be paid for singing is beyond me.

After contemplating knocking the wedding evening on the head altogether due to the lack of suitable artists, I finally came across a young man who goes by the name of ‘the wedding singer’.  He was perfect.  I spoke to him on the phone and as he could hold a conversation rather than just grunting, he was well on the way to being hired.  He sings live songs, provides disco entertainment and doesn’t even charge any extra for the cheesy disco lighting!  Thank goodness for the internet because without it my wedding would be nonexistent.

It was 6 months since first finding the singer in Ibiza to where I ended up with the wedding singer and I can’t help thinking that I could have dodged all of this unnecessary strife.  I consider myself an intelligent person and I should have realised that a guy living in Scotland who bases his career on singing in a bar in Ibiza over the summer months is hardly likely to be wedding singer material.  I can’t help coming back to the age old saying ‘if something is too good to be true, it probably is’.  I’m not saying that you can’t stumble across situations like this because I’m sure it has happened in the past and worked out perfectly.

My future note to self: never put all your eggs in one basket because there could be something better out there; it’s simply a case of looking in the right place.  (Image courtesy of Nuttakit)

Penelope x x