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Is Something Wrong?

This is a controversial post today but I need to share my thoughts as I feel there is something wrong with me.  Avid PW supporters will know that I love talking and writing about weddings.  Everything from the dating to the proposal and the colour schemes to the dress, right through to the wedding day and beyond; I genuinely love it all.

Whether it’s a 200 guest wedding, an intimate affair or a couple eloping, I respect and love reading all about them hence the birth of Penny’s Wedding.  So you’ll probably be quite surprised with my next revelation.

I’ve been watching the Channel 4 show, The Wedding Proposal (I know I’m a few weeks behind!) and I can’t shake the niggling and somewhat uncomfortable feeling I have, which is heterosexual females proposing.  I know it’s an awful thing to say but I really dislike a lady proposing to a man.

Please don’t misunderstand me to be sexist in anyway as I’m not, but I have this belief that I feel it’s a man’s ‘job’ to propose and I don’t think women should do it (please continue reading before you judge and heckle me…)

In The Wedding Proposal show I watched, the lady proposed in a lovely and ‘appropriate’ way; i.e. no ring and no getting down on one knee BUT I can’t help feeling her boyfriend had been cheated of his ‘right’ to ask for her hand in marriage.

The majority of young girls grow up dreaming of their big day and I happen to see a man’s proposal in a similar way.  I imagine guys would have thought how they would propose when they meet the right person, so I feel that ‘dream’ is taken away when the female proposes.  I’m not naive and I know we don’t all have the same dream and others simply do not care if they marry or not.

I’m not a traditionalist of sorts but with this one aspect I must be.  Is there something wrong with me?  I appreciate all forms of love, romance and of course weddings but I can’t shake that cringing feeling when I hear about females proposing.

Given we’ve just had a leap year; I was braced for lots of stories however I’ve only heard of one friend who proposed to their boyfriend.  Have the amount of females proposing declined?

Does anybody else feel the same as me or am I totally and unforgivably out of order and odd?  Are you a female who has recently proposed?  Are you a groom-to-be and your fiancée proposed to you?  I would appreciate it if you would share your story with Penny’s Wedding.  It doesn’t have to be a published piece; I would simply like your feedback.

Penelope x x