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Keep Calm and Carry On!

Us soon-to-be-brides spend thousands of hours perfecting our wedding day.  We constantly worry about the weather, if the dress will fit on the day, if our hair will stay in place and if the food is tasty.  The list is endless.  I too suffered with these worries but my main concerns focused on the timings of the day.

I had a full on action plan for my wedding, right down to the very last minute of the day (think Monica from the TV show Friends).  At precisely 13.55pm I was to be collected from my cottage and proceed to the ceremony room.  The ceremony would be completed by 14.30pm after which canapés of hot chocolate, marshmallows, mulled wine and mince pies (we married in December) would be served.  Professional photographs would commence at 14.40pm with the intention they would be complete by 15.30pm allowing my new hubby and I to chat to our guests for half an hour before proceeding to our three course wedding breakfast at 16.00pm.  Yes, it was an ambitious plan but not impossible!

At no point in my marvellous plan did I schedule for a severe dress malfunction.  At approximately 14.35pm, 5 minutes ahead of my planned schedule, my gorgeous designer dress spontaneously decided to tear whilst my husband and I were drinking our first glass of mulled wine and having photographs taken in the grounds of the farm.

I had a beautiful Maggie Sottero gown named Ladonna Marie.  It was a slim A-line style with a corset bodice.  It had subtle silver appliqué patterns and a gorgeous jewelled shoulder strap which entwined with the corset and trailed perfectly down the train of the dress.  It was the strap that tore and it became completely detached from the rest of the dress.  My immediate thought was ‘oooh, this is unfortunate.’  The immediate wording out of my mouth was ‘Mummy, I need you.’

As I stood in the wintry temperatures I realised had two choices.  I could either go into full blown bridezilla mode (scream, shout, cry and refuse to partake in the rest of the day) and embarrass myself and my new husband or I could use my creativity to make the most out of the untimely situation.  I remember thinking that I wasn’t upset or worried that the dress had broken; just a little annoyed that it happened so early on in the day.  What would crying and shouting achieve?  I’d have horrible puffy eyes, ruin my mascara and look like a fool; besides, this is not how I’d react to a situation like this.

I thought to try a safety pin and if that didn’t solve the problem then I’d simply tuck the strap into the dress and have a strapless gown.  I’d be that glamorous person who had two wedding gowns!  The safety pin worked for a little while before tearing again.  I then remembered that my sister had borrowed a brooch from me with the intention of wearing it with her bridesmaids dress.  However at the last minute she decided against wearing it.  It must be fate and it was worth a try.  The brooch was antique looking and it actually complemented the dress, so much so that people thought it was part of the dress design.

In a strange way I was pleased the dress malfunction occurred.  The situation allowed my personality and individuality to shine plus it was nice to be complimented on my ‘amazing calmness’.  My dress certainly was unique, very ‘me’ and I loved it.

What did I learn?  Things really do work out in the end and having a safety pin or brooch on you wouldn’t harm either.  Whatever your day throws at you, just keep calm and carry on!

Penelope x x