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Kitty & Dulcie

Hands up if you have a wedding budget – that’s all of us then!  Keep your hands up if your wedding budget isn’t as large as you would like – the majority of us!  Keep your hands in the air if you want a gorgeous, beautifully crafted, vintage inspired wedding dress but you’re afraid your budget won’t stretch – most of us!  Time to put your hands down and get searching on the internet for Kitty & Dulcie

Brides-to-be you can take a deep breath and relax now.  Kitty & Dulcie have been sent to us by our fairy godmother, granting all of your wedding dress wishes true.  Who are these angels I hear you cry.  Kirstie Taylor (vintage accessory connoisseur and lead designer behind Flo & Percy) and Shelley Carter-Bright (magazine beauty writer and avid bargain hunter) have teamed together to offer a delectable range of vintage inspired gowns for under £400.  Yes, you did read that correctly; all gowns retail for under £400 and are exclusive to the Kitty & Dulcie online store. 

The selection of knee-length, tea-length and full-length vintage inspired wedding dresses has been designed for the fashion savvy bride-to-be with a passion for vintage glamour. With mounds of images, a video option, and a zoom function; you will be fully equipped before making your decision.  The only hard task is choosing a gown as they are all so beautiful.

Your Kitty & Dulcie gown arrives lovingly packed in tissue paper and a satin padded hanger for you to try in the comfort of your own home.  Brides-to-be what are you waiting for?  Cast your peepers over these delightful dresses (drooling optional).

                  Penelope x x 

Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson assisted by Paris Walkett
Make-up: Katie Reedman at Slap
Hair: Mariko Kinto Athertoncox
Models: Dite Anata & Camilla Pryor