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Looking without Looking?

Finding the ideal in the most unexpected location?

Surely we all strive to achieve that ‘movie moment’ at least once in our lifetime?  You know the one I mean, that moment where we hope to find something amazing without having to put any effort in.  I use the term ‘something’ quite loosely as more often than not, we don’t actually know what that amazing thing we are looking for is; but we do know that we want something amazing to happen!

I’ve been looking for our wedding singer/band for months now, trawling website after website and ordering CD after CD but to no avail.  After a last minute holiday to the must-visit-Island-to-those-under-30-AKA-Ibiza, I somehow stumbled (being the operative word) into a small Irish Bar and found exactly what I was looking for.

Standing in front of me was a dark haired, casually dressed, 20 something guy, strumming away on a guitar.  Admittedly he wasn’t being appreciated by the drunken mobs but he was holding his own and he managed to keep the crowds entertained; in my opinion he is the perfect singer to handle a rowdy wedding mob.

I was in awe.  With his raw talent and willingness to please the crowd that I knew I had to ask him to sing for me (ahem, us) at my (our!) wedding.  I waited patiently for the scantily clad and slightly drunken girls to remove themselves from him before making my move. 

After a brief conversation I left with his details, much to the envy of others but for very different reasons.  I bounced back to my seat feeling ever so slightly smug that I’d just found the perfect wedding singer.  Who said that we had to find what we want in a wedding magazine or on wedding websites only?  If I had stuck to this method then I certainly wouldn’t have found my singer, especially as he doesn’t specialise in weddings.

So, here I am, returning home from my holiday and writing my memoirs whilst sitting in a very uncomfortable plane seat alongside the world’s most annoying passenger who deems singing aloud (and very badly that even the XFactor rejects would complain) is appropriate behaviour during a flight – If I wasn’t so happy I’d be facing 10 years right now!  Pondering the question ‘Can we find what we are looking for without looking for it?’

Penelope x x