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Love The Second Time Around

How often have we read or dreamt about soul mates and our one true love?  Is this way of thinking reserved to films and fairy tales only?  Does it even exist?  Imagine experiencing this twice in your life.  Is it a blessing, a curse or even your choice? 

Meeting and marrying your true love in your late teens, planning your entire lives, having children and a solid life together.  Unfortunately and unexpectedly your life changes in a heartbeat, losing your life partner and upstaging the vow ‘until death does part us’.  Your soul mate is taken in the blink of an eye and without warning.  How can you continue without your one true love? 

Time is a fantastic healer and a few years later, just as unexpected you meet another love and your future quickly develops.  I see this as an incredible blessing that you are so very lucky to have met your soul mate and found an equally strong bond with a new love. 

New love doesn’t mean that you have forgotten about your first love, it just means the chapter has changed.  Whilst change isn’t a bad thing; it’s how you adapt to the changes and keep those memories in your heart. 

I admire you in this situation.  Through strength and courage you have overcome the worst situation ever faced and found happiness and love on the other side. 

We can’t fight our destiny but we can encourage our future.  I wish you much love and happiness in your lives. 

Penelope x x