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Lunchtime at Tiffany’s

Snow, sparkle and tax dodging on Fifth Avenue in New York City

I’m sat at gate 28 of JFK airport waiting for my flight home and I find myself staring at my ‘ring’ finger.  I’m not looking at the empty space where a ring should be placed in 353 days but actually looking at my engagement ring AND wedding ring – yes, wearing both together! 

I think most ladies would understand the significance of purchasing a wedding ring but this is not just any wedding ring; a wedding ring from Tiffany & Co.  Today I purchased my platinum and diamond encrusted wedding band from Tiffany & Co, Fifth Avenue in New York City.  THE flagship store of all stores.  The setting couldn’t be more perfect; sub zero temperatures and snow heavily falling on the ground with only a matter of days until Christmas. 

My fiancé and I had planned a Christmas visit to New York aiming to see the popular sights and spend some quality time together.  I had always planned to pop into Tiffany’s for a sneaky peek at the wedding rings but I never actually expected to walk out of the Fifth Avenue shop with one of those prestigious blue boxes and the perfectly tied white ribbon bow.  Here I am now relishing that exact moment! 

New York is an exciting and fast moving city with lots of hustle and bustle.  People are constantly walking towards you at high speed and getting in your way so in the end you sacrifice your polite manners in favour of joining the passing crowds.  The noise is indescribable.  Thousands of excited tourists taking pictures, local New Yorkers annoyed that you are getting in the way of ‘their’ city, taxi cabs’ beeping like it’s the end of the world and the homeless folk genuinely convinced it is the end of the world! 

As I approached Tiffany & Co I could see the twinkling lights on the horizon of Fifth Avenue and I truly felt they were calling me home.  Something inside of me flicked and suddenly I had to get to that store that VERY minute regardless of who may be in my way!  The experience in itself was phenomenal and it quickly became apparent that if you have money to spend it won’t be long before you are receiving the best customer service experience in the world.  I’m not used to this way of life so couldn’t quite understand the need for ‘yes madam’ and the buckets of complimentary champagne.  Of course I wasn’t complaining. 

I browsed the ring department and unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before I found a beautiful ring.  I placed the sparkling diamond band on my finger and it fit perfectly; the surprising element was it was within budget (ish!).  At that moment I knew this would be my ring for life but for once it was my fiancé who had to encourage me to make the purchase.  I watched with pride as my sparkly rock was carefully placed in the navy blue ring box and lovingly wrapped with white tissue before being placed into the iconic Tiffany gift box and finished off with a snow white ribbon bow. 

The sense of pride and achievement was truly perfect as I never expected to experience this moment.  Walking out onto the streets of New York City, Central Park looming in the wintry background, with such a special item felt truly magical.  This was my ‘Tiffany moment’.

Let me make one thing clear, I may have got one hell of a bargain at Tiffany’s but there is no way I’m declaring my purchase and being stung for VAT when I return to the UK.  So, for the next 10 hours I am officially a ‘married lady’!  Besides that I need to check the ring fits properly… 

Penelope x x