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Is it outdated?

How many brides and grooms-to-be are rejoicing in the idea of a meeting and greeting receiving line.  There are a variety of ways of conducting the receiving line.  Firstly you could be ultra traditional and include all members of the wedding party.  In honesty this is not my cup of tea because A) it’s too lengthy and B) its a bit awkward for some people. 

Secondly you can keep it short and sweet with just the bride and groom.  Then there’s the decision of when to carry out this tradition.  You can do it immediately after the wedding ceremony and as the guests depart the venue.  Before the wedding breakfast is the most traditional format yet some couples are now choosing to hold a receiving line to welcome their evening guests, which I think is a lovely way of including them in the wedding day. 

I do think a receiving line is a lovely way of thanking your guests and ensuring that you actually get the chance to speak to all of your wedding guests.  It may sound strange but there is always somebody that you will either forget to speak to (it’s a big day and you will forget about somebody!) or simply do not have the time to speak to. 

Your wedding day passes by so very quickly that it’s almost like an out-of-body experience.  I remember saying to one of my evening guests that the day had gone so quickly and it was nearly all over.  That was at 8pm and what felt like only two dances later it was gone midnight and my day was gone forever.  I missed the evening buffet altogether; didn’t see it arrive, be eaten or taken away.  I promise I wasn’t drunk!

You really do get consumed in a whole different world with your guests and the atmosphere but it’s absolutely fantastic.  I felt like the ‘popular’ one at a school party and as I never was the popular one, it was a fantastic feeling.

Enjoy and savour every minute.

Penelope x x