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Good morning readers, hope your Monday has started well.  If it hasn’t then we have some lovely photographs to accompany your morning coffee.  Natasha Marshalsea has been talking to Penny’s Wedding and we’re delighted to share this interview and her work with you.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I started working as an apprentice with a wedding photographer back in 2004, and was photographing weddings by myself by 2005.  It was in 2006 when I lost my full time job that I decided it was a job I loved so made it full-time and registered the business under Natasha Marshalsea Photography.  I have not looked back since!

What is your typical photographic style?

I adore reportage photography, the natural smiles and reactions are so much more personal and intimate than posed group shots.  I do however still do the group shots and often tell my couples that although they take time and can be a bit boring (especially when drinks and canapés are floating round!), they are important to other key members in the wedding party, especially parents and grandparents.  When I design wedding albums it still surprises me how many group shots the couples want, even after they have told me they wanted minimal posing.  There’s something traditional about them, and we just can’t seem to move away.

Do you have a portfolio that we can view?

I have several albums in my studio that clients can flick through.  I find it very important that clients can hold an album, feel it and really see what its like.  I also think it is important that whole weddings are showcased, I find nothing worse than seeing photographers at bridal shows showing exquisite albums with only 4-5 images from each wedding.  You want to make sure that your chosen photographer can cope with photographing the WHOLE wedding, editing all the images so they flow and are consistent and that they can produce a stunning album with even the ‘boring’ photos like the group shots and cutting the cake – but also, a good photographer will not let these shots get boring, and if they are, they know when enough is enough.

How can you advise a couple who are undecided about styles and formats?

Sometimes I have couples come to me with completely different ideas of what they would like, and I’ve even had arguments break out over album choices and group shots.  It is important to get what you want, so the best way I find is to write down what it is you are after, tear out photographs from magazines that inspire you, or print out images that you find online.  Then, you start to see patterns emerging and your photographer will begin to understand the way they can work best to fulfil your hopes.

Who exactly will be shooting the wedding?

I will always be the main photographer at any of my weddings.  Sometimes if there are over 120 guests, or the couple ask, I have a second shooter who will take reportage shots during the group shots, and then make sure that nothing is missed when I have the bride and groom to myself.  It also means that different angles can be shot during the ceremony and the speeches.

In which part of the country do you work?

I am based in Cheshire and know many of the south Cheshire venues very well, however I travel all over the country and have also done weddings abroad.  I grew up in Spain, so know Spanish well and also know the southern coast of Malaga very well, so can’t wait to do a wedding there one day.

What would happen if you were sick on the day of the wedding?

I have a network of local photographers and should anything happen (it would have to be VERY serious!) I would employ someone to take the photos and I would make sure they were briefed on the style the couple want and any particular shots they would like.  Like I said though, it would have to be very serious, because even if I had a broken arm or leg I would still be there doing what I could and directing a backup shooter.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, I think its important should anything (heaven forbid!) should go wrong!

Can you explain your wedding packages (costs, hours, products included?)

For a few years I had packages with different album sizes, coverage times, etc but found that my clients wanted to personalise the packages to fit their days, so I now work on a coverage and products basis, where couples can pick how many hours coverage they have and then exactly what products they have.

How soon after the wedding date are the photographs available?

2-3 weeks after the wedding the photographs are available on a password protected area of the website and the couple also receive a proof book and order form.  This allows guests to see and order the photos from their homes and yet the couple can reference the book when ordering instead of running through all the photographs on the site.  It is also handy should the couple have any friends or family who do not have access to a computer to still see and order photos.

Finally, how can we book you and are any deposits required?

That bit is easy!  I like to meet people who are interested in booking me, as it is important that we ‘click’ and you know that I am someone you could spend a whole day with.  It gives you a chance to look through albums and talk about how the day will run.  Once you have decided to book, I require a signed contract and a booking fee of £150.

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