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Do we all have the capability of becoming bridezillas?

Is it in a woman’s genetic makeup that she will inevitably become unbearable whilst planning ‘her’ wedding?  I say ‘her’ loosely because there are two important people involved in planning a wedding.  It seemingly appears the first statement could be true.  If you speak to any bride-to-be (B2B), she will categorically state that she will enjoy planning her wedding and will try her utmost not to get stressed, regardless of the obstacles and issues faced.  To some extent and through personal experience, I have to agree.

I recently became engaged after a seven year relationship and I, like many other B2B, got excited about the planning stages of the wedding.  Within twelve hours of being engaged I had purchased four bridal magazines and within twenty four hours, I had chosen my colour scheme – although I have since changed my mind seven times!  Eight months later and I feel slightly different about the whole wedding planning situation.  I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying being engaged but I do feel like I’m in limbo at the moment.

Firstly, let me explain my reasons behind this feeling.  My husband-to-be (H2B) and I decided to have a two year engagement which means we’re not due to get married for another sixteen months.  Don’t misunderstand me, this is a good timescale for my H2B and I as it gives us the time to properly plan what we want, but most importantly, it gives us the time to save money.

The issue I’m faced with, if you can really call it an issue, is we’ve already found and booked our venue and reception (fortunately for us it’s the same place!).  I’ve already found my ‘perfect’ wedding dress, devised my guest list and I know the song list off the back of my hand.  I know what centrepieces I want, I know what cake I’m having and I’ve already picked my favours.  The ‘problem’ is there is nothing else that I can do at the moment.  It feels too early to book some of the finer detailed things at the moment because the wedding is still sixteen months away.  I’m getting stressed because I feel like I can’t do anything – how bizarre is this?

I’m confused that the stress has stemmed from my impeccable organisational skills!  I didn’t think this was even possible.  Now I’m concerned that I’m capable of becoming a full blown, out of my mind, crazy…Bridezilla.  This is one word that I hadn’t contemplated appearing whilst planning my wedding.  Can you imagine what I will be like if the cake isn’t white enough or the flowers are the wrong shade of red! 

All I can say is watch out Mr Groom because I have the potential to be horrible! Is this something I’m going through alone or does every B2B suffer with this predicament?  I guess only time will tell.

Happy planning!

Penelope x x