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Penny and The Chocolate Factory

This is one of those days that you write about in your life-long-achievements-book.  Today I share with you a fun and sweet (excuse the pun) shoot, styled by yours truly and Gemma Willis.  Gemma and I met through an interview feature on Penny’s Wedding and we soon hit it off.  We have very similar creative minds and it wasn’t long before we started brainstorming ideas.

I make no hesitations when informing you all that I used to be a fat kid.  Really fat.  So I’m sure part of my love for sweets came from this part of my life.  I always dreamt of owning my own sweetshop but deep down I knew that I would eat my profits.  At my wedding, my dream came true and I had my very own vintage style sweet shop.  I made fabric bunting, labels, sweetie bags and scoured charity shops for unique and old fashioned jars and vases.

The idea behind ‘Penny and the Chocolate Factory’ came about after a mammoth brainstorming session a few months ago.  We wanted a really colourful shoot with lots of bright and fun accessories and decided to throw in a few sweets too!  Gemma found the perfect location; a sweet shop in the heart of Northampton called Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe.  So early one Tuesday morning we started our adventure.  We arrived before the shop opened in order to get the ball rolling before we acquired an audience.

This was our first style shoot so we didn’t really know what to expect and we didn’t have a agenda as such, we just wanted a fun and relaxing shoot.  We ate a few sweets, made a mess by throwing sweets around the shop (my favourite part) and generally had fun.  We wanted to show brides that weddings can be fun, so push the boundaries and have fun on your big day.

I really love the variety of colours, especially the bold shoes with a 50’s style dress.  How about using the sweet trees as table decorations?  Have you thought about a sweet cart? Sweet themes can bring much fun to a wedding party.  A big thanks to everyone involved in the shoot.

Penelope x x 

♥ Styling {Penny’s Wedding and Gemma Willis}

♥ Photography {Gemma Willis}

♥ Location {Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Northampton}

♥ Make-up {Lois Mae Foster}

♥ Dress {Dita Florita}

♥ Shoes & Accessories {Stylists’ own}