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Promise Rings

I was watching an American show a little while ago and some of the guests were making references to ‘promise rings’.  I was intrigued by them as I honestly thought there were for people who promise to stay virgins until their wedding day – apparently these are purity rings…easy mistake to make as they both begin with p!  Here are my rather interesting findings.

What are they?

A promise ring symbolises a promise commitment between two people or a group of people.  There are used to signify any promise and they are not limited to engagement or wedding related promises.  Accepting a promise ring is just as important as the giving of the ring; you should only accept and give if you intend to keep the promise.

Why are they given?

Rings are exchanged for a variety of reasons and are very much individual to the people involved.  However they are most commonly exchanged for the following purposes:-

 Pre-engagement – for couples who intend to marry at some point in their lives but do not want a formal engagement or marriage at the present time.

 Friendshipfor friends who are not romantically linked but want to celebrate their friendship and commit that they will always be there for each other during their lives.

 Religion – these are often shared between groups of people to show their religious devotion and are worn for life.

 Purity – Parents often give these to their children as a promise to remain sexually pure until marriage.  This meaning is slowly going out of fashion and is being replaced by abstaining from other ‘bad’ virtues like drinking or smoking.

Where do you wear your promise ring?

There are no set rules as to where you should display your promise ring although many people avoid wearing them on their ‘ring finger’ to avoid any misunderstanding of the meaning of the ring.  The only promise rings worn on the ring finger are pre-engagement ones.

Who wears them?

Anyone can wear a promise ring: men, women and children.

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

Source: via Winnie on Pinterest

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