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Sickness and Health

How seriously do we take our wedding vows?  I don’t actually remember any of the vows I said on my wedding day because I was so excited.  I often wonder if I’m actually married.  I’m sure I said something resembling the traditional vows and I certainly said ‘I do solemnly declare’ because one of our best men started to giggle.  But other than this, my mind is a complete blank. 

I’ve recently been a little on the poorly side, hence the shortage of blog posts, and it got me thinking about sickness and health.  Do we actually mean we will stand by each other when the going gets tough, or do we simply want an easy life? 

I’m very lucky to have a supportive husband in all aspects of my life and over the past few weeks he’s been very understanding.  He’s endured endless moping and moaning from me (I’m a very poor patient) and not once did he kick me into the spare room, he just put up with me. 

Unfortunately not all husbands and wives stick to the vows to ‘love each other in sickness and in health’ and can leave their partner high and dry when they need them the most. 

Marriage isn’t always green grass, sunny days and roses, there will be mudslides and mountains to climb but I’m a strong believer that true love conquers all.  Hurrah to love! 

Penelope x x