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Spy Wars

What I am about to tell you is so unbelievable that you’ll think I’ve made it up, but I haven’t, believe me when I say it’s the truth!

On Wednesday evening I went along to one of my brides’ first bridal dress fitting.  Of course this was an exciting time but somebody had to put a spanner in the works.  Let me explain.

The dress arrived at the shop last week and by chance one of the brides’ friends (we’ll call her Melanie to save any embarrassment) happened to be in the shop at the same time purchasing a prom dress for her daughter.  The shop had called the bride a few times but couldn’t get hold of her, so asked Melanie to pass on the message that the dress was ready.

Melanie did as instructed and told the bride that her dress had arrived.  The bride was extremely grateful and text Melanie “Thanks for letting me know, I’ve made an appointment for a fitting on Wednesday after work.”

Like every other bride, she wants the dress to be a surprise for the wedding day; therefore there are only three people who have ever seen the dress; the bride, me and a close friend.  In my opinion this is perfectly normal.

On Tuesday evening I get a frantic call from the bride.  She’s annoyed and miffed with a certain someone.  Melanie had text her to say that she’s also going to the shop on Wednesday evening to sort the final arrangements for the prom dress.

Now, this got to me too.  There is absolutely no reason why Melanie had to be at the shop too, she’s not part of the ‘inner crowd’ so why did she pick an appointment at the same time?  To be nosey is the answer.  Understandably the bride didn’t want to have to say to Melanie that she’s not welcome at the fitting; she should know this already!

Anyway, we decided to call the shop in the morning and explain that we’re not comfortable with having Melanie in the shop at the same time as us.  If it were a stranger then it would have been different.  We fully expected to move our appointment to another day in the week.

The shop explained that they don’t have any other people around when a bride is having a fitting (it’s quite a small shop, so it made sense).  We were told Melanie would have left before we arrived.  So we stuck to the original plan of Wednesday evening.  Panic over, or so we thought!

So, the three of us head off to the fitting.  We arrive all excited and chirpy, when we are told that Melanie is yet to make an appearance!  It was suggested that we nip over the road for a quick drink and return after Melanie had gone.

It was a bit of a palaver but it seemed like the best option.  We didn’t want to run the risk of starting with our fitting for Melanie and her daughter to arrive halfway through.

The pub had a beer garden overlooking the front of the bridal shop so we decided to grab a drink and place ourselves in the garden so we could keep a lookout.  We’d literally just sat down when we saw Melanie and her daughter arrive.  That was a close shave!

We decided she probably wouldn’t recognise me so I was the designated spy.  The bride and her friend hid behind the wall, whilst I popped on my spy specs and kept watch.  Looking back now, it must have been quite bizarre watching three grown ladies hiding behind billboards, bushes and walls!

After 20 minutes or so, Melanie and her daughter exited the shop.  I watched them enter the car and was about to give the all clear when I noticed the car wasn’t moving.  They sat there for what must have been 10 minutes before starting to drive away.  Were they waiting for us to appear?

I kept the car in my eye line until the coast was clear.  Finally she drove off.  We emerged from the bushes and made our way to the shop.  As we turned the corner, we saw Melanie’s car appear on the horizon.  “What are the chances” I thought.  There was no need for her to be anywhere in this area.  For her to be where she was at that time, she would have had to turn back on herself.

There was no way to avoid her, she had seen us, so we all politely waved and headed to the shop.  She did not follow.  At the shop we all had a giggle and a gossip – all of this just because she wanted to have a nosey at the dress!  The ladies at the shop confirmed that she had been waiting around but her excuse was that Melanie wanted us to see the prom dress.

It’s a bride’s prerogative to say who, if anyone, and when, they get to see your dress.  I have never known a dress fitting to be so adventurous.  I quite liked my Sherlock Holmes moment.  At least we won’t forget this experience.  The dress is absolutely stunning and only requires a few minor alterations.

As we left the shop and drove out of the car park, who did we see drive pass us.  Yep, Melanie was still about!  She didn’t see anything though as I was on car watch the entire time.  Sneaky little madam!

After all of this, you’ll understand why I’m not giving you a cheeky dress preview.

Let the adventures continue!

Penelope x x