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Listen up Brides!  What did you do with your wedding dress after your Big Day?  Did you shove it in a bag under the bed and forget about it?  Or did you have it professional cleaned.  I’m ashamed to admit that my dress was simply shoved in a suitcase under my spare bed without a second thought.  The hem is almost black and I have a nice big muddy footprint on the train, courtesy of a rather drunk guest!  If you want to keep your beloved dress and cherish it for years to come then read our exclusive interview with Suiga Wedding Services.

1.  Tell us about Suiga Wedding Services

Suiga Wedding Services is a dry cleaning business based in Beckenham, Kent.  For over 20 years we have had many compliments and a highly respectable reputation for our dry cleaning and wedding dress service. 

I have previously had requests to adopt a long distance service so earlier this year I took the plunge and launched Suiga Wedding Services.  I researched other wedding cleaning suppliers and came up with ideas as to how we could improve on their services, some of these ideas have been tried and dismissed, others are still going and we are coming up with new ideas on a regular basis. 

The main reasoning behind our successes is due to the dry cleaning process we use.  Dry cleaning allows garments to be cleaned in solvent and sometimes harsh solvent causes problems on delicate fabrics.  On wedding dresses this means that beads and jewels can dissolve, however the system we use is very gentle and totally safe for these items.

2.  What services and products are available?

Our main business is dry cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses.  We can also dry clean other garments such as veils, mother-of-the-bride outfits, bridesmaid dresses, page boy outfits and suits and waistcoat. I would recommend that these are sent at the same time as the wedding dress because otherwise the costs of transportation might be prohibitive.

We can also steam clean silk or satin shoes but results on these are not as good as with the dresses.

We use boxes supplied by The Empty Box Co. to preserve the dresses.  We have our own design of a silver box with a pale pink ribbon however we can order other designs but this could mean that the turnaround time is longer.  Turnaround time is usually one week for clean only and if our boxes are in stock.  Should we need to order boxes, or we are extremely busy, the turnaround time could be up to three weeks.  For the best results we package the dresses using acid free tissue all around the dress and between the folds.

3.  What pricing structures are available for your services?

Our pricing structure is based around the size of the box needed to store your dress.

The Small – slender wedding dresses with a small train and no net petticoat. Cleaning only is £65. To clean and box with the standard SWS design is £90 and to choose your own box design is £97.50.

The Standard – most styles of wedding dresses that have up to two layers of net petticoat including those with long trains. Cleaning only is £90. To clean and box with the standard SWS design is £135 and to choose your own box design is £142.50.

The Large – full skirted dresses with three or more layers of petticoat and train. Cleaning only is £115. To clean and box with the standard SWS design is £175 and to choose your own box design is £183.50.

4.  Would you collect my items or do I need to post them to you?

Included in the price is collection and delivery by courier.  After we have received your £15.00 deposit we will send you a suitable box to package your dress for shipping to us.

5.  How will my items be returned to me?

Your items will be returned by courier.  When the dress has been cleaned we ask for the full balance.  We will then arrange a delivery date with you once that has been paid.

6.  Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

7.  What would happen if my dress is beyond cleaning? Would I be entitled to a refund?

If we were to receive a dress that is unlikely to be improved then we would inform you of that.  If both parties agree that it is not worth attempting to clean then we would send your dress back and refund your deposit.

If we receive a stained dress we would give you an honest assessment of how likely we are to remove the stains. If you have a highly stained dress we recommend you ask for advice before shipping your dress to us.

Our latest innovation is to publish pictures of dresses that we have cleaned on facebook and twitter. We plan to show before and after pictures because we want our customers to be realistic about what can be achieved. We cannot remove all stains, nobody can, and results vary depending on what the stain is, what the fabric is and how long the stain has been there.

8.  How can we contact you?

You can call me on 0808-1688417 or my mobile 07415 909511. 

You can email and you can visit the website

You can find me on facebook and on twitter!/PaulfromSWS

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