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Surviving Infidelity?

Today most people are back to work and kids are back to School after the wonderful Christmas break.  We’re all back to reality – big sigh!  Let’s kick off this year with a bit of a tasty debate.   January 7th 2013 has been renamed as the ‘most adulterous day’.  A recent news poll suggests that today will be the most adulterous day of the year.

The research indicates that the stresses of the Christmas and New Year break combined with the back-to-work feeling and the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, make today the chosen day for unhappily married couples to seek something or someone new.

Did you know there is a UK married dating website?  It’s aimed at married people who are looking to have a relationship with someone else – A discreet and confidential extra marital affairs dating service for women and men.”

I’m intrigued by the whole concept and that there is even a demand for it.  What is the point of being in a relationship if you are looking elsewhere?  Surely communicating your unhappiness to your partner is the first step.  Or is it a case of doing something because you have the opportunity and think you can get away with it?  What do you guys think?  Can a relationship survive infidelity?

I believe there is no right or wrong answer to this question as relationships are unique to the individuals involved and personally, I would never judge anyone else’s relationship.  Why should we?  If people are happy with the arranged setup and no one is being harmed, then it’s no one else business.  The obvious downside occurs when it’s all going on behind the partner’s back and I suspect the majority of marital affairs are done in secret.

I’m fully aware that relationships are not always hearts and flowers and all the other mushy, romantic stuff but there is a reason behind the infamous saying The grass is never greener on the other side’

If you do really love somebody you will work as hard as you can to save your relationship but going down the affair route isn’t pretty and very rarely does it end well.  Honesty is the key, no matter how frightening it might be.  At least this way you have respect and maintain your dignity.

Penelope x x