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Switching Off

Holidays do the strangest things to me; a) I get nervous about relaxing, but when I finally do, I find it hard to get motivated again b) I can’t ever escape the writing bug.

I know Penny’s Wedding is a wedding blog, at least it should be, but I can’t help spilling out into everyday life too.  It seems Penny’s Wedding is adapting into a bit of ‘Penny’s life’ but does it matter?

I recently had a well earned two week break but even on holiday I couldn’t help wondering about things and what might happen in the future.  Lazing by a pool or beach gives you plenty of time to think, add a few cocktails here and there and you’ve got yourself away with the fairies (in a good way).

We were staying in quite a large hotel complex with entertainment every evening, admittedly most of it was a bit ropey but one evening we thought we’d give the circus act a chance.  The acts were incredibly talented and left me feeling a little deflated that I don’t have a talent as such.

Sure I’m well educated, have a satisfying job and write/edit/market/direct Penny’s Wedding, not to mention a lovely home life, but I can’t help feeling that I should be doing more.

I’m always amazed at how many hotel staff are bilingual or trilingual.  So, my dilemma is ‘Is English enough?’  I don’t think it is.  Sure, almost every country speaks English but there is something so very special about speaking and understanding another language.  I believe it is the epitome of intelligence.

So my lovely readers, as I was dragged onto a dance floor in front of hundreds of people by a newly open gay man singing ‘I am what I am’, I’ve decided to learn (or attempt) to speak Spanish.

Until next time, adios amigos!

Penelope x x