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Tears, Tantrums and Table Plans

Is it acceptable for your wedding guests to voice their opinion about your table plan?  As busy brides (and grooms) -to-be, you spend many hours agonising over decisions related to your table plan.  Do you have a top table?  Do you seat your bridesmaids with their partners’?  What do you do with families – mums, dads, step parents?  The list is extensive. 

So is it fair for your guests to give you an ultimatum such as “If uncle Bob sits on my table then I’m not coming to the wedding” or even have your guests make you feel bad on your big day solely because of your table plan decisions.  I happen to think this sort of behaviour is disgusting and completely inappropriate. 

You spend time and money planning your wedding and you are entitled to have whatever guests you like and seat them wherever you choose at your wedding.  Your guests should feel privileged to be invited to your wedding day and any issues they may have with your other invited guests should be put aside for the day. 

Nobody has the authority to upset you or demand anything from your day.  Your wedding day will only happen once and its purpose is sharing your love and respect for each other in the presence of your family and friends.  If your guests cannot respect your decisions then perhaps you ought to rethink their invite.  Rant over!

Penelope x x