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The Hen Party

Today has started out to be very exciting.  Next year I’m chief bridesmaid, maid of honour, bridesmaid – call me whatever you like as I’m the only bridesmaid walking with my best friend of 12 years down the aisle.  She’s marrying her school boyfriend, who I also dated at school, and his best man is her school ex-boyfriend!  Complicated?  Sounds it but it’s not.  All this happened when we were at school so 12 years later I think we’re all over it now.

Anyway, the exciting task of the day is the hen do.  Traditionally the hen night is modelled on the bachelor party, or stag night, as we more commonly know it.  The idea being that a party is organised to honour the bride-to-be.  Initially these parties used to involve displays of sexual freedom, getting drunk, trading intimate secrets and enjoying male strippers.  Nowadays, hen parties tend to honour the general style of the social circle.

I love arranging a hen do (well I love planning anything and everything), so much so that I arranged my own hen do and unsurprisingly it was exactly what I wanted.  I went away to a Georgian hotel for a weekend and had a 1920’s themed murder mystery evening.  It was lovely to relax whilst having a bit of fun but nothing embarrassing.

Me (left) and my best friend

The difficulty I find with hen parties is finding activities which are age appropriate for all of your guests.  I think it’s really thoughtful when you can have one party featuring all of your friends and relatives rather than having to do one activity with one set of friends and another with your relatives.

This hen party will be a real cracker.  Obviously I can’t go into too much detail as it’s quite likely my friend will read this but I can assure everyone there will not be a stripper in sight.  It’s definitely not our cup of tea – cringe!

I’m thinking of a nice historic city so we can be somewhat civilised before the ‘L’ plates come out.  Now I do think every hen night needs a bit of the traditional ‘tacky’ attire but it’s how you handle this attire that makes or breaks the mood.  I’m going for the subtle approach, similar to what I had.

A subtle veil!

What do you ladies think?  Would you like to arrange your own hen party or would you prefer a complete surprise?  Are you a fan of the tacky ‘tradition’ or do you want something a bit more ‘up market’?

Penelope x x