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The ‘Perfect’ Dress

Why the need for a ‘perfect’ wedding dress?  

We brides-to-be put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves to find the ‘perfect’ wedding dress.  With some designer dresses costing the price of a small car, is it sensible to ask yourself ‘is it worth it?’

Of course we all want to look fabulous on our big day, but is it worth blowing a substantial amount of your budget on a dress that you’ll only wear once?  Let’s be honest here, how many weddings have you attended where you remember the wedding dress?  I personally can never remember the great ones; I only remember the awful ones!  When I define awful, I mean those dresses that are clearly ill fitting and the bride looks extremely uncomfortable.

A beautiful wedding dress reflects the brides’ personality and compliments her figure.  I’m not against expensive dresses but I do believe that you can find what you are looking for, for a fraction of the price – IF you look in the right places and are willing to take some minor ‘risks’.  I strongly recommend going to an established wedding dress shop and sample dresses in different shapes, styles, cuts and colours (yes colours – not everybody wants to wear white).  This will help to give you some indication of what suits you and what you feel comfortable in, so when you embark on your alternative dress finding route, you will be less stressed and more focused.  Patience is the key!

The essence of your day is to share your love of each other in the presence of your family and friends.  There is no secret to finding your ‘perfect’ bridal gown, we are all different and we all want different things from a bridal gown.  My top priority for my wedding dress is to be comfortable. 

Bridal boutiques are not the only place where you can purchase your gown.  We are the internet generation and an ever increasing range of bridal boutiques are opening online.  I understand this will instill fear in many brides but I believe its worth exploring.  The advice I can give to you is to fully research the website.  Always check their feedback comments and use a safe method of payment to ensure you are protected should anything go wrong.  Online bridal gowns are on average 80% cheaper than shop bought gowns but some are not made to fit your body inch perfectly so be aware that minor alterations may be needed. 

If you decide to buy online, I recommend purchasing from a site that has a made-to-measure service; at least this way you’ll know that the dress will be made to fit your exact measurements.  There are some very good online shops offering great designs at great prices, surely it wouldn’t harm to have a look at them and consider all your options. Some dresses can be purchased online for as little as £75.00 (these are brand new, made-to-measure and feedback suggests the quality is superior) so perhaps it’s worth taking that small risk for greater rewards.

Penelope x x

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