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The Perils of Blogging

It’s unnatural for me to talk about the subject of blogging but yesterday I had an interesting experience that I felt I should share.  Fear not, it is slightly wedding related as it involves a fellow wedding supplier (who will remain nameless).

I’m often asked to guest blog for other websites which is very flattering and something for future consideration, however, at the moment I’m busy working with Penny’s Wedding and I simply do not have the time to write for others.  When declining a guest post position, I’m always polite and honest, explaining what I’ve just mentioned.

One company somehow came to the conclusion that this was not to their satisfaction and decided to ‘borrow’ my unique written content.  Not only did they ‘borrow’ my content, but they reworded it (to a very poor standard) and advertised that this ‘new’ version was written by myself – all of this was done without my permission.  The reason they did this was for my benefit because I didn’t have time to write for them!  They thought it would be ok to use previous content and ”change it about to avoid duplication.”

Well, I was rather upset and embarrassed that anybody reading this ‘revised’ version thought I wrote it.  After a few hours of interesting emails bouncing back and forth, the article was removed from their site and I received a full apology.

My reason for writing this is why anybody would think it is acceptable to change somebody’s personal written work.  I write about my personal wedding experiences and for somebody to just change my content on a whim, is offensive to me.

I guess these are the perils of blogging!

Penelope x x