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The Proposal

Saying ‘no’ to a proposal is not something that I would recommend but unbeknown to me I did exactly that.  My hubby proposed completely out of the blue therefore I had no time to prepare my perfect answer. We had been dating for 7 years, lived together for 3 years and were happily ticking over.  We met when we were 16 and 17 so at the tender ages of 23 and 24 we had many years to plan our future together let alone time to plan for married life.

We’re both avid Take That fans so when my hubby said he’d booked us a weekend away in London to see the Take That musical Never Forgot, I didn’t think anything untoward was occurring.  Plus it was planned for the weekend of his birthday and I simply assumed it was a part of his birthday celebrations.

We made our way to London and looking back on it now I noticed the hubby was very excited, perhaps too excited, but I just put that down to us being in a buzzing city and he absolutely loves London.  Hubby had spent months working away from home and had gained huge amounts of loyalty points so he cashed them in and booked us into a lovely posh hotel right in the heart of the city of London (no expense spared for me!).

Arriving at the front desk of the hotel we were greeted by a lovely and somewhat overly friendly receptionist but this was London after all so it was to be expected! Upon check-in we were informed that there was a problem with our room and we’d have to wait.  My hubby was not too impressed but I suggested a drink in the bar and minutes later we were collected and ushered to our room.

The porter wanted to take my bags but I politely declined – a) because I always carry my things and b) I’m not very trusting.  We were taken in the lift to a top floor room which was explained as one of the finest in the hotel.  We had unlimited access to the club suite which had a fully stocked ‘help yourself’ bar, snacks, sweets, DVDs etc – if we wanted something then we got it. I remember saying to my hubby, “you should work away more often if these are the perks.”

We were taken to our room and I walked in first.  The room was darker than I expected so it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust.  I saw balloons, candles, chocolates, champagne, and flowers – the works.  Immediately I thought we were in the wrong room and turned around to explain to the porter that there must be a mistake.

As I turned I saw my hubby down on one knee.  He was as white as a ghost and was holding a small blue box in his hand. I think he said ‘will you marry me?’ My eyes filled with tears and as I grabbed the diamond ring I flatly said “no.”  This wasn’t the response neither him nor me were expecting.  The ‘no’ was because I was wearing jeans, I looked a mess and I’d had half of London’s City dirt on my face.  Before my hubby has the chance to respond, I followed up with “Oh, does that mean we’re not really going to see the musical.” My poor hubby was still on one knee and politely said “Although you said no, you’ve taken the ring.  Does this mean you will marry me?”

My hubby went to great lengths to plan this perfect engagement.  It was a total surprise (which is what I had always wanted), he’d sorted the finer details and had even measured my ‘ring’ finger whilst I was sleeping and purchased the ring whilst working away from home.  I had no idea my husband could be so romantic. I’m pleased to say we went to the musical and it topped off a great day. We kept our engagement a secret for a whole day before going out for a family ‘birthday ‘meal and sharing the news.

Penelope x x