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Too Young?

In light of the recent mound of celeb engagements, I was thinking are you ever too young, or too old, to get married?  The minimum age you are allowed to marry in the UK is 16, with parental consent, or 18, without parental consent.  There is no maximum age limit for marriage. 

So as this law is in place, does it make it right or fair?  Marrying too young is often criticised and to an extent I understand why.  As a young adult (under 20), do you really know somebody well enough to marry them – my answer would be no.  The reasons being you are still growing as a person; your personalities, tastes and whole persona change as you enter adulthood – you simply grow up! 

I met my husband at the age of 16 and although I knew we’d have a long lasting relationship, we never even mentioned marriage until we were in our 20’s.  He proposed after 7 years (and 4 years of living together) and we finally made it down the aisle after 9 years together. 

As a younger couple, you grow up together, change as people and adapt to new situations.  I feel privileged to have grown with my husband and really couldn’t imagine life without him but I’m not sure if I’d have married him aged 20.  Marriage is such a big commitment and some people even thought I was too young to be a bride at the age of 25! 

If you really want to get to know each other, I suggest you ‘test drive’ your marriage compatibility and move in together first; this will really give you an indication of whether or not you can cope with married life.  I’m a big fan of reversing the tradition of marriage by living together and I think many of my generation would agree. 

Only you know what’s best for your relationship but there is no need to rush things; after all there must be some truth in the saying, ‘good things come to those who wait’! 

Penelope x x 

Editor request – Are there any young engaged couples out there who want to tell their stories?  Please contact for more information.