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Good morning!  Today we have an exclusive interview with the fabulous Wedding Blossom.  If you’re looking for wedding stationery, then you must read this interview.  If you’re not looking for wedding stationery, I still recommend you read the interview!

♥ Hi Emily, thanks for speaking to Penny’s Wedding.  Please tell us more about Wedding Blossom.

Wedding Blossom was set up in 2011 by myself and my husband, David, shortly after we married.  We had struggled to find our own wedding invitations as we were looking for something original that would represent us as a couple, and reflect the theme of the wedding.  David decided he would design our wedding stationery for us; that way we could have complete control over how they looked.

After receiving a lot of compliments about our wedding invitations we thought it would be a good idea to offer a bespoke wedding stationery design service to couples who, like us, were struggling to find the perfect wedding invitation.  All couples who ask us to design their invitations have 100% creative control over the content and we make as many changes as necessary until they are happy.

♥ Where does your inspiration come from?

Our inspiration essentially comes from the couples who come to us!  They have an idea about what their ideal wedding invitation would look like and we put it on paper.  If we don’t have enough details about what they are looking for, our designer David ,has a brilliant imagination and an eye for discreet details that add the finishing touch to a design.

♥ Are there any popular trends at the moment?

The most popular trends we’ve found have been butterfly themed and fairy tale themed invitations.  Many people have requested the colour purple for their designs too.

♥ Do you have any advice for couples who are unsure about where to begin with their wedding planning?

My advice would be to draw up a realistic budget before anything is planned.   Have an idea of how much you would like to spend, and how much you can afford to spend and stick to it as closely as possible.  The last thing you want when planning a wedding is to have stress over finances which unfortunately many people do.   If you set aside a realistic budget you know how much you need to save and if necessary how long you have to wait until the big day.

♥ Please explain the ordering process

After couples send an enquiry to us we will ask them a few questions about their wedding and what they had in mind for their invitation.  We then put together a draft design and send it to the couple to have a look at.  Good communication and a strong idea of what you want will always help us.

When couples have seen their first draft we will have one of two responses, they are either happy with the design and have minor/no changes to it, or they would like something different.   We then change the design accordingly to suit the couple.   The time it takes until the design is complete can take anything from 1 week to 1 month.

♥ What method of delivery do you use?

We deliver all items using the first class, signed for delivery by Royal Mail.

♥ Can we see your portfolio?

The majority of our previous work is on the gallery section of our website

♥ Finally, how can we contact you?

We can be contacted via email, phone, twitter, Facebook or even post!

Thank you for your time Emily, it has been a pleasure.

Penelope x x