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Does wedding envy exist?

Most of us would have heard of post natal depression but have you ever come across somebody suffering with post wedding depression?  It sounds pathetic.  I know it does, but I can’t help thinking it exists and I happen to believe I experienced (sometimes still experiencing) it. 

I married 8 months ago after a 26 month engagement and there are days where I feel really low and sad that the wedding day is over.  Of course I’m very happy to be a wife and I love married life but the thought of the ‘big day’ being over and done with forever is hard to accept.  I spent 25 years waiting for my big day, 26 months of daily planning and now there appears to be a big empty space. 

This is how Penny’s Wedding came about as I’m so keen and interested in weddings plus I needed a valid reason to explain to my husband why my monthly wedding magazine subscription is still ongoing!  I wonder if I put too much emphasis on the wedding day rather than planning the wedding for a lifelong marriage.  

Surely I’m not alone with this bizarre feeling?  I get to the point whereby I start planning my wedding again, only in my mind, but I’m thinking of new ideas, colour schemes and sometimes even what dress I would have.  Am I being selfish?  No, I don’t think I am.  Why should we only get married to the same person once?  I think it should be a legal requirement to marry your husband every year on your anniversary.  Think of all the benefits – new dresses, new venues, new cakes plus we’d never suffer with post wedding depression again!

Penelope x x