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The finer details of wedding transportation can often be overlooked.  Who will be travelling with you?  Are you requiring multiple journeys to different venues?  Do you need any transport at all?  Are you going to think about wedding transport for your guests?

All of these questions might get you in a bit of a spin, but fear not as Penny’s Wedding has a little checklist for you!

1. Talk to your husband-to-be and compile a shortlist of preferred transport methods – sports car, vintage car, campervan etc.  It might sound silly but you need to be prepared otherwise you run the risk of wasting time looking at vehicles that you’re not interested in.

2. BUDGET – I don’t mean to shout but it’s very important.  If you are on a tight budget you must stick to it as it’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with something you simply cannot afford.  If you plan to overspend in one area then you must be committed to tighten the purse strings elsewhere.  If you have a bottomless pit of money then this does not apply.

3. Work together to establish what you need from the wedding transport: a. Do you require multiple vehicles to transport the bridal party and the groomsmen? b. How many journeys do you require i.e. to the church and then on to the reception venue, or one journey to the venue?  Do you need evening transportation after the wedding day?

4. Once you have sorted out what you need, you can start browsing all of the fabulous wedding transport on offer.  Wedding blogs and the internet are great tools to assist with this task.

5. Always see the vehicle before you confirm any booking; if they can’t show you the vehicle at the time ask them why and arrange to meet when you can see the vehicle.

6. Ask if there is a standard wedding package and if there are any discounts for booking multiple vehicles.  Many suppliers can be flexible especially if you require the vehicle for shorter periods of time.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

7. Enquire if decorative items, champagne and chocolates are included.  You might not want any of these things so this could be a battering tool for a discount also!  If you do want them and they are included, you can ask them to match with your colour scheme.

8. Check what the drivers’ attire will be – I’m sure all wedding transport methods will provide smart drivers but it’s best to check.

9. Be clear about how much deposit is needed to secure the date; typically 25% is used as a deposit.  Obtain a clear date as to when the final balance is due.

10. Confirm all dates, times, locations and costs in writing.

11. Finally, don’t leave it too late to book your transport.  You may be surprised to find that wedding transport gets booked 12-18 months in advance!

If you are marrying quite away from where your guests are located you might want to think about assisting them with their transport.  By assisting, I don’t mean booking it on their behalf, you can if you wish but that could lead to all complications.  I mean compiling a list of reputable taxi companies and adding it in with the invite.

If your venue is likely to have parking troubles, you could always explore hiring communal transport to ferry everyone to the church and then on to the reception – vintage buses or a classic red London bus are really on trend at the moment.

More and more couples are marrying in locations where the ceremony and reception are under the same roof meaning you won’t need wedding transport in the conventional sense.  How about hiring a vehicle for you and your new husband to utilise after the ceremony?  Go for a spin around the countryside or even nip into a pub for a swift one!  This allows you to have the photo opportunities and some alone time with your new husband before the party kicks in!

Penelope x x

{Images 1&2 – doily days}