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Wedding Weirdness!

Did you know…

A man may not marry his:

♥ Grandmother  Grandfather’s wife  Wife’s grandmother  Father’s sister  Mother’s sister  Father’s brother’s wife  Mother’s brother’s wife  Wife’s father’s sister  Wife’s Mother’s Sister  Mother  Stepmother  Wife’s mother  Daughter  Wife’s daughter  Son’s wife  Sister  Son’s daughter  Daughter’s daughter  Son’s son’s wife  Daughter’s son’s wife  Wife’s son’s daughter  Wife’s daughter’s daughter  Brother’s daughter  Sister’s daughter  Brother’s son’s wife  Sister’s son’s wife  Wife’s brother’s daughter  Wife’s sister’s daughter

A woman may not marry her:

 Grandfather  Grandmother’s husband  Husband’s grandfather  Father’s brother  Mother’s brother  Father’s sister’s husband  Mother’s sister’s husband  Husband’s father’s brother  Husband’s mother’s brother  Father  Stepfather  Husband’s father  Son  Husband’s son  Daughter’s husband  Brother  Son’s son  Daughter’s son  Son’s daughter’s husband  Daughter’s daughter’s husband  Husband’s son’s son  Husband’s daughter’s son  Brother’s son  Sister’s son  Brother’s daughter’s husband  Sister’s daughter’s husband  Husband’s brother’s son  Husband’s sister’s son

I stumbled across this information online and thought it was bizarre that this information was even documented.  There are some strange things out there and thought I’d share it with you all – at least you know who you can and can’t marry now!

Penelope x x