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What do you do?

Good morning, another Friday greets us and it’s certainly very welcome.  We’re having a bit of a reflective week and if you read yesterday’s post ‘On the Up’, you’ll know that Penny’s Wedding success is starting to have a bit of a snowball effect, which of course is fabulous.

I find myself talking more to other people about the blog and all the fantastic opportunities that have arisen.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with a wedding florist who asked the question “What exactly is a wedding blog?”

This didn’t surprise me at all.  When I was planning my wedding from 2008-2010, I never ever came across a wedding blog.  I didn’t know where to find them or that they even existed.  Little did I know there were hundreds out there!  I missed out big time.

So what is the definition of a wedding blog?  For me it’s combining my passion for writing and weddings, bringing them all together into a huge interactive wedding wonderland.  Each blog is different and creates its own take on weddings, which allows for such a huge blogging market.

Penny’s Wedding is mixture of many things involving passion, determination and hard work.  Firstly, and the most personal aspect, is my ‘diary of a bride’ stories.  These are honest and true accounts of my experiences when I was engaged and it was these pieces that starting the Penny’s Wedding ball rolling.  I’ve been married for 18 months now, so these stories have started to develop into ‘diary of a wife!’ – Still just as entertaining!

Secondly, I love to visit and interview wedding suppliers.  I’m a big fan of personal recommendation and getting to know about somebody or something before I part with my money.  This aspect of the blog allows you lovely and loyal readers to be fully informed before you spend your oh-so-important budget.  You’ll see that my reviews and interviews are honest and impartial.

Thirdly, the blog gives me a valid reason to keep researching weddings.  I’ve been an avid wedding geek for 4 years now and I never tire of reading about, or watching wedding related programmes.  I then get to pass on all of these fabulous ideas and inspiration to you.

I love it when you email in to me and explain how a story or wedding feature has made a difference to you.  It’s such a big reward.  The question often arises “Is there lots of money involved in blogging?”  Penny’s Wedding was never created for financial reward but it has opened lots of doors for me and I’m really chuffed with that.  There is no way on this earth that I would have had so many opportunities if it were not for Penny’s Wedding.

It sounds like I’m pulling the plug on Penny’s Wedding but I’m not!  I’ve never been happier and I shall continue for many years, or until you guys stop reading!

Penelope x x