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Why I Love Wedding Blogs

I’m a married lady so why do I love wedding blogs so much?  When I was an engaged lady, sadly I never found any wedding blogs.  I simply didn’t know that they existed and goodness me, I was missing out. 

When I created Penny’s Wedding in early 2011, I started stumbling across some fabulous wedding blogs and it’s only over the last 6 months or so that I’ve realised how many exist.

Here’s why I love writing and reading wedding blogs:-

1. Writing my own wedding blog means that I get to reflect, talk and think about my wedding day, relationship and marriage on a daily basis.  My husband may think I’m ‘neglecting’ him sometimes (blogging takes time you know!) but in reality I’m constantly thinking about him.

2. It’s great to be able to share my stories with others and guide them on what they can expect and how to prevent making the same mistakes.  It may sound strange but I love my readers getting emotional when they read my work.  As a writer, this means so much!

3. I love to be able to inform my readers of special offers and discounts.  We all love a bargain and it’s magical when I team up with wedding suppliers and have the ability to promote discounts.  Many other wedding blogs offer similar things so as a bride-to-be you ought to be scanning as many wedding blogs as you can!

4. Writing a wedding blog opens you up to a whole new family.  There are so many talented wedding suppliers out there and it’s great to be able to meet up with them.  It’s so rewarding to feature suppliers on the blog.

5. Penny’s Wedding has given me so many career opportunities.  It’s a dream to write on a daily basis but to expand into wedding planning is out of this world.  The future is looking bright and I love sharing every step of my dream with all of you.

6. Reading other wedding blogs is like a full time job to me – swooning over all of your fabulous work is inspirational and motivational.  Of course many wedding blogs discuss similar topics but each blog is different and brings new perspectives to important issues.

So, after all of these points, let’s get blogging!

Penelope x x