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Why the Secrecy?

As a wedding enthusiast, recent bride, wedding blogger and wedding planner, it still infuriates me the way wedding suppliers keep their prices secret or hidden.  When planning a wedding most of your decisions, unless you are fortunate enough to have a bottomless pit of money, are led by a budget.  It is therefore imperative that wedding suppliers are clear and upfront with their service charges.  

Speaking from experience and listening to my readers, it is the most annoying challenge faced when planning a wedding.  Think of how many potential customers you are losing simply by choosing not to list your prices.  If I come across a wedding supplier who fits the bill but does not list any pricing on their website then I simply move onto the next similar supplier.  Wedding planning really can be as harsh as this! 

On average it takes 260 hours to plan a wedding so time is really against us and we do not have the time to faff about contacting people who offer ‘bespoke’ packages which somehow allows them to get away with a lack of pricing on their products.  I think this is a load of rubbish. 

If you are a wedding supplier and you ‘hide’ your prices or state on your website ‘please contact us for prices’ – can you please explain why this is done.  Yes, I understand that many brides and grooms require different services but surely you are able to give some kind of guide, approximation or rough estimate?  I also really hate it when VAT is an ‘additional’ charge – but that’s for another day!

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