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Good morning ladies, how are we today?  What a lovely day it was yesterday, let’s hope the warm weather continues.  If it doesn’t, then fear not as we bring you an exclusive interview with Wonderful WrapsWith such gorgeous items, you’ll be wishing for chilly weather everyday – I promise!

Hello Trilby, thank you for speaking to Penny’s Wedding.  Please tell us more about Wonderful Wraps.

Wonderful Wraps is just about to celebrate 20 years in the business and has recently undergone a complete re-branding by its new Managing Director and Co Partner, Katie Diamond.  Katie has just been featured in the latest Dorset Society magazine, which was very exciting for the entire Wonderful Wraps team!

At Wonderful Wraps we pride ourselves on creating products that people love to wear.  We want you to have something that makes you feel instantly special when the material engulfs your body.

I became a part of the Wonderful Wraps team in October 2011 and stand by what I believe is a fantastic working ethos; let your passion drive you and believe in what you are selling.  We are doing something that we love and that transcends into the products we produce and sell.  It’s all in the detail and I think our passion spills into the magic of what is created.

Our brand is about ‘The Magic Touches’ that make the buyer feel individual and super special.  ‘Putting the Wonderful in Wedding Wraps to make you feel Fabulous’ and that’s exactly what we intend to do!

What products are available?

Our specialist products are Bridal Occasion Wraps and Cover ups.  Some of our best sellers are The Signature Velvet Hooded Cloak, Faux Fur Bolero and the Marabou Ivory Stole, which was worn by Deborah Stevenson on the Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Christmas Special!

We also have a vintage section on our website and as of October 2011 we decided to branch out and provide beautiful, fashionable products for the Mother of the bride, and a Children’s accessory range – offering faux fur and marabou Capes and Bolero’s.

We have also expanded to offering jewellery and accessories.  We have beautiful, vintage inspired earrings, brooches, hair pins and combs and a new range of bracelets and cuffs.

Do you offer a bespoke design process?

Absolutely!  If any of our customers see a design that they like either on the High Street or Catwalk we can work with just an image and have it made to the exact specifications and measurements for that customer.  As our designs are made in the UK, we have control and the speed of service at our fingertips.

If a Customer falls in love with the Wonderful Wraps Signature Hooded Velvet cloak, for example, and sees it only in Ivory on the website, this does not mean that if they want it in Midnight Blue we are not able to fulfill this wish!  We aim to give our customers the highest level of customer service to meet their exact needs.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

All of our designs are inspired by catwalk creations and some of the world’s top designer’s ideas.  We want to offer quality products and ensure we are on trend, if not one step ahead.

We like to make sure that we are in line with trends shown at all the Fashion Weeks and keep our ears and eyes open, not only to the top designer names, but also independent label designs.

Fortunately, the Wonderful Wraps team has a good fashion eye and is very creative.  We all have that ‘passion for fashion’ and love the romance of weddings, so helping to create a Bride’s perfect day is magical.

The Managing Director, Katie Diamond, takes such care with the fabrics that are purchased and so much love and detail is put into the design process, that the final product is an act of love.  Seeing the fabric turn into one of our designs is incredibly satisfying and cathartic.  This is what drives us and gives the team fire in our belly.

We do have some designers that are our Fashion icons – both in the fashion World and Bridal arena (Bruce Oldfield, Suzanne Neville, Valentino, Diane von Furstenberg, and Marc Jacobs to name but a few!) – This is a wonderful way to stay motivated and keep the creative ball rolling.

What are the current trends for Wedding wraps?

Wraps in many forms, have been trending heavily for 2012.  This season, style savvy Brides and Fashionistas have been keeping warm in stylish cover-ups that play with volume, material and texture. 

From Jaunty Jackets to Marabou Stole’s, this accessory brings a little ‘Old School Hollywood Glamour’ back into this decade!  This year Gwyneth Paltrow stunned the world when she wore a Tom Ford White Cape at The Golden Globe Awards.

In the Bridal market, lace has been a huge trend for 2012.  Lace boleros with embellishments have been used by many designers to give a Vintage/Victoriana edge to an overall look (Valentino showed this at their spring 2012 collection show at Paris Fashion Week).

Suzanne Neville demonstrated the ‘Cape’ trend in her 2012 Bridal collection.  Her aptly named ‘Bacall’ gown was dressed with a vintage beaded cape.  Jennifer Lopez was seen recently in an oversized sheer cape (shorter at the front and longer at the back), which was truly beautiful.

We supplied Black Marabou Boleros to a customer going to the 2012 BAFTAS; a great and fashionable way to look fabulous and keep toasty!  Many of our signature pieces simply don’t go out of fashion.  They are purely there to give the ultimate WOW factor.

Our velvet hooded cloak is a showstopper and with the release of a number of Snow White inspired movies this spring; this best seller will be in even higher demand!

How can we purchase items from Wonderful Wraps?

We are primarily an Online Company; therefore the majority of our Sales come in through our Website shop.  We are in the process of setting up a Facebook shop so our ever-growing community in this Social Media platform can buy directly through this medium.  We also have a large Twitter following and sometimes we get requests direct through this channel and then drive them directly to our generic email address or website.

We have stockists in the UK (from Knightsbridge to the South Coast), Ireland, the US and a growing market in Australia.  We have a very strict enrolment process, which is typically a trial basis first.  We want to keep the exclusivity and individuality of our pieces so as not to become over exposed and too commercial.

Do you have a portfolio that we are able to view?

All our products are available to view on our website, and we are just about to have a vintage inspired photo shoot at the end of May 2012, with the intention to create an email ‘look book’ for our customers to view on request.

We have some exciting things up our sleeves that will be revealed later this year!  We are concentrating on ‘real’ designs for the ‘real’ woman and we intend to convey this belief and mantra in our styling and images from this photo shoot.

What happens if an item is not suitable for my wedding or event?

We have a 14 day return policy, so if there is any problem with the item, return it and a full refund will be given.  If it’s unsuitable due to a sizing issue we will, where possible, exchange it for another size.

We also try to offer advice, so if a customer has purchased a Bolero and it just doesn’t suit the outfit, we will advise another item that may just suit the customer’s outfit better than the original choice.

We are always on hand to help or offer fashion advice whenever needed – We want our customers to be happy and comfortable, and of course, feel fabulous!

How can we contact Wonderful Wraps?

There are many ways that we can be contacted at Wonderful Wraps.  We like to be hands-on and available so that we can give individual time and attention to every customer.

Please visit our website if you want to place an order; there is an option to inform us of any special requests.  Our email address is which  is checked daily.

Visit us on Facebook to leave comments, join in with all the bridal updates and fashion action.

You can also contact us on Twitter – we LOVE chatting on this social media platform and try and inject as much personality and passion as possible.

We are also on Pinterest – we currently have 48 boards all dedicated to Brides and the Fashion conscious to offer ideas and inspiration.

Our head office is at The Offices, 23 Bessborough Road, Poole, Dorset, BH13 7JS – so if anyone wants to write to us or send us some pictures feel free!

We love feedback and that’s the only way we can try and improve our service and continue to supply our customers with cutting edge designs and creations that meet their expectations.  Or hopefully exceed them!

Thanks for speaking to Penny’s Wedding Trilby, it’s been a pleasure.

Penelope x x