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Since when did wedding invites go out of fashion?

I’m all for technology and the magical marvel of the internet but when did traditional posted wedding invites get the boot?  Believe me when I say my wedding would have been nonexistent without the internet however I’m torn between this tradition and the sheer excellence of the new trend ‘webvites’ – web based invites! 

I can’t deny that webvites are a fantastic idea.  I’ve not created one myself but I assume they are easier to manage as all information is in the one area, plus you can put much more information onto a webvite than you can fit into a traditional wedding invite.  You can be really creative with designs, pictures and even include your order of service and menu choices by updating your webvite as often as you choose.  Your guests can login to your private webvite, RSVP immediately and even purchase from your gift list.  Sounds ideal for the well organised bride! 

What about the issue of lost post?  This simply wouldn’t happen with a webvite.  This fast moving change is likely to affect the older generations and people who are unlikely to have access to the internet.  Ultimately it highlights how our generations have moved poles apart and that perhaps tradition is a thing of the past.  

I still believe there is nothing quite like opening a crisp envelope with a bundle of magical surprises inside.  I’m a big fan of confetti and table glitter but please not inside a wedding invite.  I’ve lost count with the amount of times I have spilt the insides of an invite all over the floor.  It’s a complete waste and very annoying for me! 

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