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Flash Mob Proposals

I’m a big fan of weddings.  Fact.  The only other thing that comes close is a decent proposal.  In fairness I do genuinely love all proposals.  Flash mob proposals seem to be on the increase in this country and boy oh boy, is that exciting.  They originated in America, of course and we have since adopted them.

What is a flash mob proposal I hear you cry?  It’s when you are unexpectedly proposed to in a public place with lots of other people (often friends, family and actors) singing, dancing and generally causing an exciting scene around you.  All eyes are on you and suddenly a proposal appears.

The thing I really love about these proposals is the sheer time and effort it takes the groom-to-be (hopefully) to organise it all.  Some people think they’re flashy and vulgar, but I couldn’t disagree more.  I think they epitomise the amount of love somebody has for someone else.

Of course some women will be horrified and perhaps even embarrassed at the thought of 300 people singing and dancing just for her.  She might as well get used to it as she’ll be the centre of attention on her wedding day.  Everyone is different and some people will naturally prefer a more intimate affair for such an occasion.

Anyone can organise a flash mob proposal but I guess the groom has to be uber sure that the answer will be yes or it could get a little embarrassing.  One thing is certain though, you certainly won’t forget the day you were proposed too.

With such a momentous proposal, is there pressure for an equally extravagant wedding day?

Top tips for an awesome proposal

Planning and preparation – put some effort into it, don’t propose on a whim.  A wedding is for life!

Choose a location which has sentimental meaning to the both of you.

Prepare a speech leading you up to those big four words.  It doesn’t have to be a lengthy speech, just a few words to set the tone.

Propose with a ring.  It shows you’ve thought about it and picked a ring design you think we’ll like. 

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get down on one knee!  Oh, and smile!

Penelope x x